Snow Fort or No Fort?

by CStrong on February 1, 2015 - 10:07pm

The concept of protecting our young from danger is an essential part of life, for humans and all other animals on our planet. How we go about the raising of these children however, is something that has changed greatly over the decades and become a war of words between those enforcing stricter safety and rules and those who support independence and fun despite possible dangers. This article in particular focuses on a case that happened in Beaconsfield, Quebec this past January where a man refused to take down the snow fort in his front yard after it had been deemed dangerous by the town. It brings up the question, should we be preventing children from participating in fun activities that could potentially be dangerous in the name of safety, or allow them to continue at their own risk?

On one hand, it is quite obvious that safety is important, no matter whom it concerns, children or adults. It would be foolish to brush off the claims of certain activities, such as having a snow fort near the road in winter, being a potential danger. There are negatives and safety risks involved in almost anything we do for fun.

That would be the issue though, what point do we make our line at for when we’ve compromised enough for safety’s sake? If a parent should have to take down a snow fort in his front yard because it could pose a danger under certain circumstances to his children, then what of parents enrolling their children in Hockey leagues? Hockey, a sport where the child risks being sliced by sharp skate blades or stick blades, or hit with a hockey puck, just among the dangers involved. It becomes an issue that the government cannot regulate, as they can’t dictate everything a parent does with their children.



Comparing the danger of a snow fort and hockey is simply genius. It shows in a simple way that forbidding a snow fort because of its possible danger, but letting our kids watch and play violent hockey is simply ridiculous. As you said, governments cannot control everything and we should clearly draw a line between parents' rights with their children and the government's intervention. In fact, this is an article about what we let children see while they are watching hockey:
Concussions, blood all over the place and dirty fights... things children are not supposed to see before a certain age. Again, the snow fort does not seem so horrible after all this.

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