Men and Feminism

by Sarah_B on November 3, 2017 - 10:58am

An article posted on the “Women’s Agenda”, written by Rob Sturrock, on November 1st, 2017, discuss how men can be involve in the feminist movement. Some may ignore the fact that we need males in the movement but most agree that having males by our side will only make things better. Feminists are only looking for equal rights and not superiority so why not work together? The article shows how the author, Rob Sturrock, agree on the movement and is actually an activist for feminism. He writes how it is normal that men are scared of the movement because most of them don’t really know its values and ideologies but if he can be part of the movement, most of the males can too. But, he explains how in Australia, there is a problem with men being toxic and discriminatory. It is called “bro culture”. He also adds; “And there is a professional Offense and Outrage Industry where men spend their waking hours vandalising feminist advocacy about equality.” In Rob’s mind, everyone should have the freedom to choose how to live and who to be. He ends his article by saying that without men, the movement may never reach its goal.

An academic journal article named “Men and Feminism: Some challenges and a partial response.” written by Jonathan Crowe, in 2011, explains the relationship between men and feminism. It extends the News article by going deep in the question of whether males can support feminism. It shows how men can encounter many obstacles before reaching the goal of being part of the movement. The article shows how sometimes men see the feminist movement as a way of women to blame their problems onto the men. There are also recommendations on how men can approach feminism and identify to it. The article goes into different aspect throughout the pages like “Being for other”, which explains how it can be hard for men to engage in the feminist movement since it is not about them. It sheds light on two of the main challenges men have when it comes to feminism. But, everyone can learn. 



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