JFK Files and Term Paper

by boi on November 1, 2017 - 7:46pm

This news article is one that caught my attention because we don’t see that type of news often. The article named “WikiLeaks offers up a $100,000 bounty for the withheld JFK documents” is pretty self-explanatory. WikiLeaks tweeted on October the 27th that they will give a reward of 100,000$ to anyone who releases the John F. Kennedy assassination files from 1963. Donald trump announced in a tweet that he would release the JFK files but only 2800 were released and 300 were kept hidden from the public. Already, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks who has, on multiple occasions, expressed his opinion against the FBI and CIA called the redaction “inexcusable.” The redacted documents have another 6 months before they are released, if they get released at all.

This is a clear example of how WikiLeaks is a new power, more precisely, a crowd organization were the people control the organization, an organization whose main goal is leaking private government documents and news. This could not be any more “New Power” where one of the main goal is transparency. This article also shows collaboration as WikiLeaks wishes other people to search for the documents. This also fits in the category of “Do It Ourselves.”

We also see the opposite of old power which is New Power through the Trump administration retaining some of the documents for another 6 months with no promise of actually releasing them, just another 6 months of revision even though the CIA and FBI had 25 years to go over the documents since the law to release them was passed. They obviously do not take transparency at heart.


Question: How can we reduce the likelihood of another stock market crash?

NEWS ARTICLE: Canada's housing bubble has vanished without a 'crash landing', say economists


The Last Temptation of Risk: http://web.b.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail/detail?vid=0&sid=abeb7f5a-66ea-4e94-bbef-54a280517dc8%40sessionmgr104&bdata=JkF1dGhUeXBlPWlw#AN=40098360&db=afh

PATIENCE PAYS OFF: http://web.b.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail/detail?vid=0&sid=7ea3368c-6b82-41c8-822b-7b0a0ccb7634%40pdc-v-sessmgr01&bdata=JkF1dGhUeXBlPWlw#AN=36456634&db=afh

BLOWING BUBBLES. http://web.b.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail/detail?vid=0&sid=077b06ff-3413-4d63-82df-ada167f57089%40pdc-v-sessmgr01&bdata=JkF1dGhUeXBlPWlw#AN=35514784&db=afh

The News article mentioned talks about how the Housing bubble in Canada vanished. A housing bubble being the main cause of the 2008 stock market crash, it is pretty useful to my term paper.

The first academic journal article talks about the behavior of businessmen and economists before the stock market crash.

The second article is the story of a man who knows how to limit risk and control his greed and by doing so has managed to make money in the stock market even during 2 crashes.

The last one is an article about how a bubble occurs in a certain area of the economy.

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