Is it so bad to seek a better life?

by Claudia on October 2, 2017 - 9:57am

Is it so bad to seek a better life?

There is this illusion that North America is a dream to many people, a reality to others and a paradise to many. Right now there are multiple obstacles occurring to people who are seeking a better life, as we are going to see from BBC News, CTV News, CBC News. The issue being here, that these illegal immigrants are only trying to seek a better life which is impossible for them in the country they come from.

First of all there is a big issue in the United States, there are many immigrants who live there without having a legal status which for most of them wasn’t their decision. For example most of young illegal people were brought there by their parents while very young and don’t know their original country. For these kids, the U.S. is the only home they have known and some years ago Obama put in place a program (DACA) that was made to be able to let these kids be able to study here and gave them more opportunities in life. Right now, Trump is trying to eliminate that program that is meant to protect those kids who were brought in the U.S. while very young. Which concerns a enormous number of persons, all below 30 years old and who most of them with latin background according to .

Second, this situation doesn’t only concern the U.S., but very close to home here in Quebec. Since a pretty long time, Quebec has been receiving immigrants and helped them establish a life in this country full of opportunities. While summer, many new immigrants have crossed the border illegally from New York to Quebec which has brought many asylum requests to the Government. The executive director of Action Refugies Montreal, Paul Clarke, has confirmed that it would take a lot of time to process all these demands. He has also said that most of them will be returned to their original country, which he precised isn’t the United States. Most of these immigrants granted the statue of refugee in the United States by Obama after the earthquake in Haiti will be sent back by Canada states CTV News.

Third, there is a saying that goes: the lost of one is the gain of an other, that is exactly what is happening with the banning of DACA. All people in that program have had a FBI checked background which means there juridically clear. Also all of them speak english and have  an education for most of them, there is even professionals. Which leads to the fact that all those who are in the the DACA program are model “citizens”. As we can see in the article by CBC News, these individuals would be a major gain for Canada. Senator Ratna Omidvar says that Canada could accept 30 000 people from the DACA program as economic stream or international students.

In conclusion, there are many things that are happening to the immigration world right now. Most of them are crucial to many people without any legal status, what is important to see here is that these immigrants are trying to develop a better life for their children. What some people might not realize is that they abandon everything they ever had in their country to seek a better life, including their families. They abandon all they have to just be sure one day the won’t wake up with their kid dead or even themselves kidnapped. In many countries where this immigrants come from there are child soldiers, guerrilla and many terrorists groups. Not all of them have good intentions, but those who do, don’t they deserve a chance of a better life? What about their kids?





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