ABSTRACT: Social Entrepreneurship + Regional Development

by billybastien on December 7, 2017 - 10:01am

This paper demonstrates how it is possible for social entrepreneurship to play a key role in rural development. It draws links between social entrepreneurs, their work, their role in sustainable development, and how it relates to rural development. My findings suggest that social entrepreneurship can be achieved if we consider catering to the basic needs of individuals in the society first. In addition, we must find a development model that works today and does not impede, but rather create, better opportunities for tomorrow. That is especially true in rural areas in Quebec, where the aging population accentuates the demand for health and social services while the younger generations are shfiting towards urban centres where a greater opporutnities and services await them. We cannot continue to live in this vicious cycle, it is time for Quebec's rural areas to put their best efforts forward and consider using social entrepreneurs to make change, not policy-makers. 


I found this abstract of this term paper extremely interesting because I come from a small rural town where they are facing these issues right now. When you were presenting in the class about the project it was great and I learned things that I did not know about this subject. A suggestion that I have would be to add specific projects or companies that could move to rural areas in order to create more jobs and business opportunities to the young living in these villages, such as banks, fast food chains, pharmacies, etc.

About the author

I’m Billy Bastien, a business student and restaurant waiter at times. As a proud Gaspesian I value family, community, and contribution. I believe everyone has something unique they can give to our society. My values probably explain why i’m so passionate of the hospitality industry.