What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history?

by shu1_1226 on October 6, 2017 - 1:48am

 Nowadays, some schools teach history by serving films. They serve films to students in the history classroom and tell what happened in the past in the world instead of opening a history textbook. There are two purposes why films are served in the history class.

              First, many students can learn history more easily by watching historical films, compared by reading a textbook. Although some students hesitate to open a textbook to learn history, they can accept to watch historical movies. This is because even if students do not like study history by using a textbook, they think it is more enjoyable to study history by watching a film. In my case, I did not like to study history because I have to keep memorizing events that happened in the past. There are too many things that I have to memorize, so I was lazy to study history. However, I watched the movie “Schindler’s List” in the history class when I was a high school student. The movie tells a true story about a businessman Oskar Schindler who saved 1200 Jewish people from abuse of the Nazis during World War Ⅱ. I did not know what happened to the Jewish people in detail and how tragic World War Ⅱ was. I found out that many Jewish people were abused and killed by cruel methods, such as poison gas and violence carried out by the Nazis. Also, I thought this is what I should know, and I was embarrassed due to my ignorance. It became a chance that I would like to know more about what happened in the past. Therefore, students can learn history by watching historical films, and it may become a chance to motivate students to learn history.  

              Second, most people can empathize with characters appeared in a historical film. If a character are depressed, people feel sad; otherwise, if good things happened to the character, they feel happy. Many people can be impressed because of expressions of actors in a film. When people are impressed, it tends to remain their memories. As a result, students can remember history more easily, compared to read a textbook. It is difficult for some students to remember history just by reading letters written on a textbook. I watched the film “Half of a Yellow Sun” that tells about the Biafran War in the class. I was shocked to find out how tragic the war was; also, I was impressed by the expression of actors. Because of this, the Biafran War remained my memory strongly. If I have found out the war by reading a textbook, I would not have remembered the war because I know only that the war happened in the past, and I do not know that how people suffered and struggled due to the war. Therefore, most students can be impressed, and they can remember history by watching films.

              In conclusion, the reasons why films are served in a history class are that many students can remember history more easily by watching historical films, compared to just read a history textbook. This is because many students can accept to study history not by reading a textbook but by watching a film; in addition, they can remember history by being impressed because of acting ability skill of actors. Serving historical films in a history classroom plays an important role to make students remember history now.


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