Inglorious Bastards can teach people about several historical events.

by eug22 on November 9, 2017 - 9:29pm

I personally think the film Inglorious Bastards is a movie that can teach people about several historical events that took place during World War II. The most obvious is the event of World War II. Sure it’s a film that is set in World War II, however this movie is about a fantasy affair of Jewish rebels and their leader who plot to assassinate Nazi leadership Adolf Hitler and his army. One of the comical things I found about this move is how the Jewish soldiers were described as Basterds from the Nazi’s. The film portrays the German Nazi’s as the enemy, just one of the effective ways of teaching people what the war was about. It also describes the Germans led by Adolf Hitler who led the Germans to murdering many Jewish people.

Another effective way this film taught us about this historical event, is the way Quentin Tarantino depicts the Nazi characters throughout this film. This can also be seen, as an illustration of what a Nazi is to the viewers land how they looked like during the war. It is a fictional film but works around some historical facts like the obvious event, the alliances of the war, how the Germans hated both the Americans and the British. Other effective approaches Tarantino taught us about World War II is the fact that both countries hated one another, many lives were lost, the Nazi’s killed Jews, Hitler was in power. There was a lot that happened in the film that was not accurate during World War II but the biggest difference between the film and the actual event was how Hitler was killed in a cinema.

This film exaggerates reality in order to create an exciting film. Tarantino clearly wasn’t trying to create a true documentary or film of what happened, he was merely making a revenge movie in the most interesting and possible way. This is a film that I would definitely not use for educational purposes because it is not historically reliable. A critical point for the audience is the effectiveness of the Western countries to bring a solution to their guilt. Audiences around the world have a view of what happened during that particular time. This film paints a clear picture of what happened during WWII. Tarantino clearly teaches us that we need to treat WWII with serious respect. The only emotions allowed are sadness, regret and thoughtfulness.

Overall, this is not a history film for the audience who want to learn more about WWII. It’s a true classic Tarantino film with lots of dialog and brutal killing. If you dislike violence and torture then I recommend not watching this movie. Inglorious Bastards is a very good movie that teaches us specific moments of that particular period.

Eugene Pagliaro

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