Blog Post 2 Q.6

by ZDOSE on December 6, 2017 - 9:41pm

Blog Post 2 - Zach Dose


6. What purpose does film serve in the history classroom or in the telling of history?


Film serves an incredible purpose in the history classroom and in the telling of history because it allows for individuals to have essentially a first hand account of the events that transpired during an specific historical period. It can bring life to events that could have happened decades if not centuries ago and depict those events in a fashion that is entertaining to the individual who is attempting to learn about a particular historical event. As opposed to reading textbooks, and having to imagine the event for oneself, one now has the ability to almost experience the event and thus in my opinion take away a more memorable account of what happened. That being said it is important that the film depicting a particular event is historically accurate especially if being displayed in a history classroom setting in order for students to learn about a particular event. Historical inaccuracies often plague films as the films are often built solely for the purpose of entertaining while paying homage or being related to or centralized around a particular historic event. For example, scholars of the film Titanic disaster would have several things to say regarding the historical inaccuracies within that film, even James Cameron said himself that knowing what we know now about the Titanic disaster there could have been more that they had done during the creation of the film to make it more historically accurate. However, the film itself was incredibly entertaining as arguably one of the best films of the past thirty years it opened the world up to knowledge about the Titanic disaster and the story behind much of what occurred that night and here we are discussing an event that happened more than one years ago because it is now forever remembered through film. Thus I would say it is very important to show films in the history classroom because it allows individuals to obtain a better sense of historic events. It assists us in remembering specific historic events because by having the events preserved on film there is a far more likely chance individuals will remember these parts of history and never let important events that lead to the world we live in today be forgotten. Along with keeping the lessons we have learned and the mistakes we have made in the past close in our minds so that we never revert back to those same mistakes again in order to have a more prosperous future.


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