Authorship, who should tell the story?

by 129674720 on December 6, 2017 - 9:57pm

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                I will be focusing on Ryhmes for Young Ghouls for this question of authorship and articulation. This is more important of an issue than it may seem like. Its important because we’re talking about oppressed and exploited peoples who absolutely need to speak out. So, if we try to put a muzzle on it in anyway, it would be continuing to oppress them. The movie is about indigenous people and what their lifestyles are like post colonization. There are very heartfelt scenes and it gets disturbing at points too. But that is the reality that the indigenous people faced over the rule of the colonizers. This movie has very real characters even though the story might be fictional the lifestyle portrayed was a very real one for many of the people.

                 It does an excellent job of creating the atmosphere for the viewer to see what its like for them in modern day because of what atrocities our forefathers committed. Some people may say it might do an excellent job of helping us put ourselves in their shoes, but that state is bigoted and ignorance for myself. I do not believe one can ever experience what the other person has by just pretending to be in their shoes.

                The fact that the actors and authorship have been by an indigenous person is why the movie is so realistic for the natives. The issues are being addressed in a way that they want to. This is very important because they are the ones the atrocities have been committed against. If they tell someone else what’s been done to them and they decide to make a movie it would not an exact or precise representation no matter how detailed the native person would have described it. It just cannot be, there will be adaptions and become their opinion on the event. The matter becomes of primary and secondary sources for me.

                Seeing as the natives would be the primary source for this issue, which happens to be their issue, it only makes sense they are the ones to tell it. For example, its like the slave owners speaking on experiences of the slaves that worked for them. The need for this comes from keeping the message as pure as possible, without any propaganda or hidden motive. Anyone else telling the story would be unfair to them. This is important for the people that have atrocities committed against them.     

This is important to them because this helps them tell their story and look for reconciliation among the perpetrators. Canada has started a council and pushed this to the top of the agendas, but even then, only so much is happening to reconcile with the indigenous. Reconciliation is the most important thing for modern day because we’re all living here, and it is way past the point of just giving the land back to the people it belongs to. So, if there is any hope of all of our fellow humans living together we must accept and reconcile what happened in the past and turn a new leaf.

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