Think Again About the Privacy Settings

by hasagani95 on September 2, 2013 - 3:29pm


The article “Canadian Poll Shows Split on Whether it's OK for Gov't to Spy on Citizens Online” written by Michael Oliveira brings to light an issue that touches the lives of most Canadians. Many citizens now use the Internet regularly for various activities. We assume that we are aware and in control of the privacy of our online browsing. This might not be the case. According to the poll results introduced in the article, some people already think that our online privacy is being investigated. Many people have different opinions about this issue.

In fact, one of the reasons that this article captured my attention is the difference in opinion about online privacy. Michael Oliveira highlights the various points of views of Canadians regarding their privacy: 49% considered it completely unacceptable for the government to intervene, 47% considered it acceptable and 4% considered it completely acceptable. Although, when it was mentioned that the government surveillance would mainly regard terrorist attacks, more people considered it acceptable.

Should the government of Canada be allowed to access citizen’s personal information through Internet?

Like any other ethical issue, there exist different opinions regarding this matter.

My opinion is that the government should be able to access personal data of people through the Internet because this can contribute towards the safety of our country. Through this method, it can be more efficient to trace down criminals, terrorists, and other possible endangerments to our community. The government having access to our online activities can discourage online prostitution, child pornography, online drug trafficking, cyber terrorisms and other offensive criminal activities. In other words, the government’s intervention in our personal life can be beneficial to our quality of life.

However, it is understandable that some would think otherwise, because people prefer to protect their privacy. The Internet can be perceived as a source of expression for many. Therefore, letting the government have access to citizen’s personal information can be perceived as restraining free speech. Many frown upon limiting any source of freedom of speech. Also, people believe that there exist boundaries: the government should not cross into the personal lives of citizens because individual privacy should be respected.

Would you be fine with the government limiting your online privacy?


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In my opinion, we have right to our privacy. I have a deontological point of view on this issue because I think that we have right to our privacy no matter what. I think that way because I think we should prevent eventual abuses of intrusion into privacy. However I ask myself do we really have online privacy knowing that some people can do almost anything with a computer?

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