Abortion in Chile

by Patrickma12 on September 18, 2014 - 8:52pm

Abortion in Chile

        While it is legal almost everywhere in the world, abortion is illegal in Chile without exception. Before 1973, abortion for medical reasons was legal in Chile. Last year, an 11 year old girl got pregnant after being raped. Doctors stated that both the fetus and the young girl were in danger. Both, according to the laws in Chile, it was illegal to end the pregnancy for the young girl.

      The Roman Catholic Church is still very present today in Chile. According to the Holy Bible, killing anyone, even to save the life of another is unlawful. Catholics believes that killing a child, during or after his birth, is against the law. This principle is very important in the Roman Catholic Church.

      Everyone should be free of doing whatever they want with what is inside their bodies and should have the right to save their lives. Religion should be personal and should not imply laws upon others. Clearly, this young girl did not do anything wrong, she simply was the victim of an illegal act. It is a shame that she also has to deal with more problems. Instead of encouraging her and helping her both physically and mentally, her Country obligated her of giving birth.


         In the 21st Century, a country should not have the right to obligate a young girl who got raped to give birth to an unwanted child. Countries should not let religion rule their laws because it is not fair for people that are not religious to have to obey to these laws. Everyone is free to believe in whatever they want.

       The young girl should have been aborted immediately according to the fact that both her and the fetus were in danger. It is totally unacceptable that a law is against the security of a young girl who got raped. Moreover, everyone should have the right to abort when they have been raped.Everyone should be able to decide if they follow religious rules or not. To abort or not should be a personal choice. In 2014, no country in the world should have the right to obligate their citizens to apply the laws of a religion. It his a shame that Chile is still doing it. Even though the majority of the population is very religious. It does not mean that everyone have to obey the law of the bible. It should be something personal. Ones should always have to right to abort. Especially in the case of a rape and to save his own life.

        This situation should be an eye opener for the World to denunciate and to make a change in Chile.  According to the Huffington Post article Chile Abortion Debate Sparked By Child's Pregnancy: An online petition has already started on the internet to put an end to this law. Eduardo Hernandez, a 30 years old Chilean, believes that abortion would have been the right option for the young girl.

         It is clear that the Catholic Christians are going to disagree with taking an end to this law in Chile. However, they have to remember that they have the right to follow their religious beliefs and not abort if they do not want to. Catholic Christans in Chile should respect the fact that some people have different religious beliefs and should have the right to not follow the Christian laws. 


This topic is very interesting because the case of the 11 year old girl is really tragic. I agree with the fact that they should not prevent one’s right to have an abortion in a situation like this one. I did my own research out of curiosity and I found the list of countries where abortion is illegal. It’s surprising that there are still so many countries have kept abortion illegal. In your article, you state that religion should be personal and should not imply laws upon others. I understand your point of view, but is this the real reason why Chile does not legalize abortion? I think that you should clarify the point where you said that religion dictates laws when it is in fact, the views of religious people that make up these laws. It clearly has a major influence on laws in Chile because the majority of the population is religious. If you look the legal background of abortion in Chile on Wikipedia, they explain that to pass the law of abortion, two-third majority of each chamber of the Chilean congress is required to amend it. So we can infer from this that bills are voted by religious people and this may be the reason why the majority of votes are for the illegalisation of abortion. It looks like religious people who are part of the Chilean congress are at fault.

I strongly agree with your opposition on this case study of a 11 years old girl was forced to give birth to a dangerous and unwanted fetus. As I've seen throughout your text, you hold on to the ethical principle of utilitarianism which enable someone to determine whether a situation is moral or immoral based on the happiness it brings to an individual. Describing the cause of the pregnancy it seems that she wasn't happy and to learn that she must live with it for another 9 months is devastating. I believe that the countries rules and law are based on the divine command theory. The sad truth is that someone can be so blindly controlled and "manipulated" by religion that it creates injustice. The point you were informing "us" in your text is very similar to Bentham which mentions that the ultimate happiness is what differs a case study from being moral or immoral. If you want to go check this website: http://utilitarianphilosophy.com/jeremybentham.eng.html, it contains furthermore details you might be interested. I appreciated your opinion and thank you for such great writing.