Is Netflix Killing the Film Industry?

by Ariane17 on February 16, 2014 - 7:31pm

For many years, people have been concerned about the fate of the music industry as more and more internet users download or stream songs illegally.  Since the arrival of Netflix and similar services, it is the movie industry that is being targeted.  When I came across the article linked below, it made me reflect on the way Netflix is starting to revolutionize the film industry and its economy.  My family and I use the service and enjoy it.

Should Netflix and similar services exist?

Yes, I think the Netflix service should continue to exist.  The world is constantly evolving, therefore industries need to adapt and find new ways to make profit.  Back in the early 2000s when many people made the switch from VHS to DVD, many films and VHS players probably remained unsold.   Furthermore, companies that made VSH players had to start making DVD players and movies now had to be produced on DVDs.  I truly believe the film industry will find a way to adapt again as a lot less movies will be produced if it doesn’t.  If some studios really do not wish to have their films on Netflix, they might decide not to sell their rights to the service. 

Some might argue that Netflix is becoming popular because people don’t think they are doing anything wrong for the movie industry.  In fact, since it is a payable service, they feel better about using it than going to an illegal streaming website.  However, this causes disc sales to go down annually as people can watch a movie on Netflix an unlimited amount of time like they can with a DVD.  Moreover, films usually make the most money as new releases, but "[w]hile new releases won't appear on Netflix for years, users are okay with waiting until they do."  Netflix is changing the movie business as we know it.

Should the film industry find new innovative ways to compete with Neflix or even try to shut it down? Do you think Netflix is a good thing or not?


I would not think so. Film companies authorise films to be put on the internet. Many people still go to the theatre to watch films and the truth is in the big box office numbers. I truly believe that the Netflix is not killing the movie industry do to it being totally legitimate which comes with a members fee. The real criminal is the internet with many illegal sites that violate so many copyrights issues. -Jacob Wellman

I like how your text lets the reader make his own ideas about the subject by setting up paths to develop about it. As a user of Netflix, I can say that it is a very good thing for me because it allows me to watch whatever I want when I want it and it's awesome. I also believe that it is a good thing for the movie industry that Netflix exists because it makes people pay for their downloads (a thing that a lot of people wouldn't do without Netflix) and it sets the bar higher for the industry to provide to the customer what he really wants. It is going to force the market to adapt to the world as it is today and it is a motivation to legal movie downloads. Awesome concept, awesome future repercussion possibilities on society and awesome
post about Netflix right here.

I have Netflix, and I find that there really isnt that much selection in films. It's always the same movies everytime i go check! Minus the three "new releases" that have been added to the list that came out two years ago... it really takes a while for the new stuff to get on! and even at that, who even buys DVD's anymore? You're either going to watch movie in theatres or search and see if you can watch it online if its not on Netflix (lets be honest here). And at least Netflix is buying the movies rights, if they dont want their movie to be on Netflix and see more success of it just being on its own, so be it! Really interesting topic! I think that it's definitely one which alot of people could connect with and give feedback on based on their own experiences!

I am very torn between seeing Netflix as a great thing and progress for the movie industry, but at the same time I feel like the movie industry would be losing a lot of money if Netflix eventually took over. I, for one, loves Netflix. I can watch the same movie as many times as I want, and there are a lot to chose from, at its a low price like 8 dollars a month. Its a deal that many people can not refuse, and that is why it continues to grow and become more popular. Why would anyone want to leave there hows and pay to rent a movie when they can get it directly from their tvs or laptops? It's real customer satisfaction here. One of the drawbacks may be that they may not have everything everyone is looking for, and thats when the disc and film compagnies come in handy. I dont think the film industry should find new ways to compete with Netflix, but rather encourage Netflix because if they convince people to get Netflix instead of pirating movies for free online, they are getting are still getting some type of profit. Netflix is the best! It just is sad that one day we probably will not be able to purchase dvds at the video store anymore.

I use the Netflix service as well and I am not always satisfied with its choice of movies. I was particularly interested by your article because I love to listen to movies and I like to follow what is going on in the movie industry. I think that films are so important in people’s cultural identity, because they are so relatable to everyone as watching them often doesn’t require as much effort as reading a book for example. To answer to your last questions, I think that Netflix is part of the film industry and that, in this way, they could not compete with one another. The producers that choose to let their movies into Netflix do it because they think it is what is best for their profits.

An alternative question that could be raised relating to the subject is whether we should use only Netflix, and therefore encourage the Hollywood movie industry rather than encouraging local and international film makers. Netflix has a very limited range of international movies and when I say that, I think of all the French or Canadian movies that cannot be found in Netflix. I believe that Netflix is too limited to be any threat to the movies that you cannot find on there. Personally, I have access to Netflix, but I often prefer to go to rent a movie at the Superclub Vidéotron, or go to the cinema. I think that this system has still a long way to go before we start worrying about film makers’ loss of profit on its behalf.

I think that we should more worry about piracy and the threat it poses to the movie industry today. It is too easy nowadays to download a movie illegally. I think that this is a deliberate violation of private property and people need to understand that. Here is an article about Senator Dodd’s (CEO and Chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.) speech about piracy.

I totally agree with you! It is true that the world is constantly evolving and that film producer should always be looking for new ways to make profit. I find it's also a great subject since Netflix is really popular. Should the film industry find new innovative ways to compete with Neflix or even try to shut it down? Do you think Netflix is a good thing or not? Even if there are a lot of movies on Netflix, not all the movies are on it. I don't think personally that the film industry is suffering from Netflix because you can always buy the movie you want or you can rent it too if it's not on Netflix. But if the film industry really think that Netflix is a 'enemy' for them, then yes they should try to find a way to compete with Netflix. Should Netflix and similar services exist? Yes since, as you said earlier, it only costs 8$/month, which is really not expensive when you can watch a big variety of movies the amount of times you want, and a lot of people can take advantage of it. I even use Netflix myself and I find it's really great! I think that people feel less bad watching movies on Netflix since they pay for it, it's not as if they would download it illegally, as you said earlier. I did research and found an article that says that Netflix has a program, for 5$, called "Browse Endlessly". "[It's] an option that gives you access Netflix's wide array of programming, but without the stress of having to chose what to watch." Netflix is always impressing us!

Great summary, and definitely a great topic! Personally, I use netflix and really enjoy it. The only downside I see is that the movies or series available are not always very recent. However, I don't think of netflix as a site to go see movies that are very recent. If I fell like watching a movie, I will go to netflix to find something instead of going through my dvd's, I don't want to see the latest blockbuster, I just want a good movie to watch. I think that this is the true strength of netflix. Instead of going to the movie store, I can just go online and find a movie I like. Canadians will complain that our version of netflix is even farther behind that the US version, but with every problem, there is a hacker to fix it. I use an app on google chrome that lets me appear as if i'm in the US, and i know a lot of people who do the same. Therefore, I think that netflix is definitely a plus to the movie industry, not a hindrance!