Will you buy Nike ever again?

by bilal.qadri on February 11, 2014 - 8:40pm

Will you buy Nike ever again?

      Nike is a manufacturing company notorious for their sneakers, sweaters and for their sportswear worn by many famous athletes, singers and even actors. Nowadays, shoppers are greatly influenced from celebrities, which has lead to a greater demand for these products. Seeing that there is a need for these products, who is, in fact, responsible for manufacturing these goods? In 2011, an article written by Daily Mail Reporter explains that Nike workers in Indonesia, China and in Vietnam are being treated with brutality in order to increase the rate of production. The article explains that these workers are not only being physically mistreated but also mentally. The reporter articulates that workers are being called with disgusting names. On the other hand, Nike knows that this is happening to people and they claim that there is nothing they can do about it. However, Prakash Sethi, a corporate strategy professor at the university of New York, finds it hard to believe that Nike, a company that has a lot of revenue and profit, is incapable of providing a healthy and safe environment for their workers. The article goes on to say that the workers are powerless and that they must work in order to survive, barely provide for their families and in order to make ends meet. Towards the end of the article, the reporter claims that Nike contractors are moving their business to rural areas in order to stay away from the media and overseers.

       This issue is quite striking because consumers like me are so concerned with following popular trends that we never take the time to step back and think about exactly what we are purchasing. In this news article, there are two very distinctive values and moral claims being presented. Nike corporations value competition, wealth and power. This is quite evident since we can see that these organizations are telling the media “they can’t do anything about it”. Similarly to Professor Sethi’s standpoint, I find it quite unusual how a company that makes so much money is not capable of providing its workers with the sufficient means to simply live. The personnel of this company are very greedy; they do not care about the poor labours who work long shifts to provide for the exquisite food on their tables. In addition, Nike representatives want to have the maximum profit possible, even more than their competitors like Reebok or even Adidas. Furthermore, Nike organizations are concerned about privacy. Their moral claim is to have the right to privacy. As stated by the reporter, we can see that Nike contractors are moving to rural areas so that the media wont discuss how they are treating their workers. By the company deciding to do so, it is evident that they know that what they are doing is wrong, yet continue to do so anyway, for it is beneficial for them. In contrast, the workers value security, justice, equality of condition and fairness. One can clearly see that the values the workers have outweigh those of Nike corporations. There are many moral claims the workers abide by, first off, they do not want to be used as a means to an end, and the workers believe it is wrong to act in any way that will harm another person. In fact, it is not only the workers who have this ideology. I personally do as well, along with many others, for it is simply human nature to know right from wrong. Having said this, I find that even Nike corporations share this belief to a certain extent, but unfortunately, they still prioritize money. In all, I find that this issue should be discussed since this concealed information is causing pain and if not death to the labourers. I find that if we eventually bring a stop to this issue, it will not only help the lives of labourers but will also help everyone, as a community re-evaluate their priorities and thus become ethical consumers.

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First of I want to say that I am a huge contributor to Nike which is why this article really interested me. There is no doubt that Nike is a huge company that isn't doing all that they can to make their labor conditions better for their employees. However I am having a hard time identifying the conflicting values in the article. Its clear that the values for Nike are wealth and power but I would have like to see the values for the labor force that is being mentioned such as equality or their Individual rights for fair work compensation. even with that said I think it was a well structured article which really raises the question of how informed consumers really are. So if you were the newly appointed CEO of Nike would you give your workers the salary they deserve?

I don't quite understand why you are having a hard time understanding the conflicting values because they are being mentioned. You have said yourself "the values for the labor force that is being mentioned". As for your final question, if I were a CEO I would give Nike workers the salary they deserve because I personally value justice and equality more than money.

Firstly, I'd like to say that your title is very captive and I have purchased tons of Nike products in the past, which is what led me to read and comment on your post. I strongly value fairness, whether it may be in competitive sports or abused workers in foreign countries. It is indeed unfair that workers in Indonesia, China and Vietnam are forced to work in horrible conditions while the workers here in North America have good working conditions. My values oblige me to think twice about buying a Nike product, but then again, maybe half of my clothing was made under harsh conditions in foreign countries and I'm not going to just throw them away. Although for the future, if I have to choose between 2 pairs of shoes and one of them are Nikes, my values will guide me to taking the opposing brand knowing how badly Nike treats their foreign workers who are making them millions.

First, i would like to say that i have been buying nike branded clothing and footwear my whole life and that is why i was interested in your post. I also would like to say that i agree on your position that it is wrong how Nike is just letting their manufacturing companies mentally and physically harm their workers. Nike is without a doubt a very strong and profitable company they should at least see to it that the workers that are making their goods be treated fairly and equally as they were working in the United States or Canada. As an athlete i value competition but i also value respect and fairness. Its fine for companies to compete with each other but making your own workers suffer through hours of cheap labor is not respectful nor fair to them. Now that this information is out, Why hasn't Nike and companies like it been shut down? Because it doesn't affect most consumers. People need to realize the harm they are doing buy buying these products but how do you make millions of people change their mind about Nike?

First of all, I’d like to mention that your title really caught my eyes. The way you’ve formulate it makes it more interesting for us, readers. As a purchaser of Nike’s products, this post really seemed to apply to me more than others that’s what led me to read and comment your article. I strongly agree with your position, seeing what’s happening with this international company I believe that we’re living in a society where making money is a priority and everything else seems to be less important. The values you brought up for each side of this issue were very clear and well explained, but it seems that the values in favor of workers were definitively important to mention since we are both in favor of the workers. Security, justice, equality and fairness are important values that we should all rely on, but unfortunately even if your post makes really make sense and make me realize the importance of this issue how many people will really take position and stop buying Nike’s products? Since we don’t clearly see and live with the impact of these methods.

I would like to start off by saying the topic is very relevant and the article is well written. That said, I agree with you, we should all think twice before buying Nike products. Because they are exploiting their worker and not respecting their values using them as a mean to an end, not providing security, justice, equality of condition and fairness as mentioned in the article. But we all knew that in a way or the other, so why are we still consuming these goods? I believe it's simply because we can't relate; words black on white is not enough for us to care, I'm sure if we went there and saw with our own eyes it would be a totally different story. At the end really it's all about the law of supply and demand, we are the ones asking and buying, but simply boycotting Nike won't work, its competitor don't differ. Are we willing to buy a no name brand that is "uncool" and more expensive? Should we change our economic system? Regulate more laws concerning relocation?

So to start off, Id like to say that the title of this piece definitely grabbed my attention. I had been hearing about Nike not treating their manufacturers very well, and so it is great that this is a relevant and recent issue. Nike is one of the most profitable and successful retailers out there and it does sound horrible what they are doing. But we must all remember that Nike is one of many companies who own sweat shops with poor conditions. But like you said their moral values are things like " competition " , "power" and "wealth" . With these type of morals, it is easy to find themselves in situations where they aren't taking care of their manufacturers as much as they should be. All if this is with the goal in mind of being a successful, and quick producing company, and that is exactly what they are. Would they be as successful if they weren't like this? Maybe, but not highly in my opinion...I think people might start protesting to tell Nike to take care of their workers, but not go as far as to completely stop buying their products, because how many people does that really help?

After reading the article posted by Daily Mail, my thoughts on the Nike Corporation have definitely changed. First of all i would like to state that i strongly agree with "bilal.qadri" as he descriptively reviewed the main aspects of the article and highlighted there main problems. Firstly, abusing there workers is there main problem linked to there very low salaries. To make 50 cents an hour and get abused in order to be more efficient in creating there products, leaves me the consumer of Nike Products in disgust. This is a serious contemporary issue which must change as hiding from the media in rural areas is not the solution to this problem. This leaves me to believe that the person to blaim are the contractors as they are the individuals who are simply moving the problem to other areas instead of stopping it from happening. Nike is a company which can continue to be diverse compared to there competitors like Reebok and Adidas, as long as they keep the mindset of sustainability meaning that they eliminate there issues between employers and employees and continue to be as efficient/productive in creating new products at a fast rate.