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Group 3 U.S/U.K



            Wind energy plays an important role in today’s renewable energy sources. The U.S and U.K are both currently using wind energy to supplement the use of traditional sources of energy production, such as nuclear energy and fossil fuels. Wind energy has proven to have less negative effect on the environment, and is a much cheaper source of energy production. The U.S and the U.K have similar views on wind energy, with just a few differences.

            Due to the fact that the U.S is much larger in comparison to the U.K, the opinions on wind energy technologies differ from place to place. While one state such as Massachusetts may show more concern for the risks involved with wind energy, another such as Texas may welcome it with open arms. This is due to the difference in the geographical location of these states and the way the media represents the issue of climate change and wind energy. One main theme that stood out between both the U.K and the U.S is that people in general are for the idea of wind energy and renewable technologies, but if it is “in their back yards” so to speak, then they are more against the idea. Another reason the U.K group found that people were against wind energy was due to the lack of knowledge of the subject. People that appeared to have more knowledge on wind energy were more for it.

            In the U.K there does seem to be a general acceptance and support for wind energy. One article from the U.K states that wind power has shown a significant growth. The amount of electricity the country generated from onshore wind rose by 70% between the second quarter of 2012 and the second quarter of 2013. Power generated from offshore wind increased by 51% on a year over the same time period. Although wind energy technologies in the U.K seem to be backed by much support, the burning of fossil fuels still dominates the production of energy.

            According to the Gallup Poll, two in three Americans or more want the U.S to put more emphasis on producing domestic energy from solar, wind, and natural gas. Unfortunately there is much debate about which renewable energy source needs to have more emphasis in the U.S. It is safe to say that Americans want more renewable energy sources. The debate between political parties about which renewable energy source needs to have more emphasis, is possibly slowing down the progress that could be made. Renewable energy technologies such as wind energy has come a long way in both countries and continues to grow in support. Educating the public on the positive effects of wind energy is what will gain more support and push these countries and the world into a more renewable future.



well done group 3!!
What are your personal opinions of wind? What affects your decision?

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