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by garlinggar5 on October 20, 2014 - 10:58am

Inconvenient Truth Report

                After watching Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth it is clear that human society has profoundly impacted the environment both locally and globally. I personally agree with the documentary as the evidence supporting it is overwhelming and I am sure that nearly every human has been affected by poor unsustainable practices of various developed nations. I thought the graph of the carbon dioxide levels that fluctuate due to seasonal vegetation that absorbs the carbon dioxide was very interesting and what surprised me the most is that despite the continuous rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels most members of Congress did not appear to care when provided with this information. Another interesting portion of the film was when Al Gore described how change perceived over the course of a human life may appear as minimal but in the span of life on Earth the changes being done are faster than ever before. The most disturbing portion of the film was the graph showing the predicted levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide in fifty years. The film is relevant to my degree as it informs the public about the truth of global warming and human impact. This can lead to more people getting involved in Environmental Science which will educate them and produce a more sustainable world. I believe that continued pollution of our atmosphere is deeply unethical as it proves that humans have lost the respect for the Earth that gave them life. Along with the destruction of wildlife habitat further proves we have no regard for any other aspect of life other than growing our economy, reproducing, and gaining material possessions. When Al Gore referenced the 928 scientific articles that regard global warming not a single article disagreed with IPCC's conclusion that global warming is occurring. Although when a collection of media articles about global warming were looked at nearly ninety percent disagreed that global warming occurring. The movie was released in 2004 and now ten years later I believe that scientific thinking has not changed other than an increasing desire towards sustainability. The public opinion most likely has not changed as said before most people do not regard the environment as valuable or anything that isn't in front of their face as a serious issue. The issue between economic growth and the preservation of the environment will be a continuous battle throughout time as most economist base growth on the principle that resources are limitless. As we know resources are finite and as population continues to rise so will the need to fuel, feed, and shelter those people and unfortunately unless a sustainable alternative is found humans will deplete the natural resources and ecosystem services that keep us alive. There are several reliable sources of information on climate change such as The International Panel of Climate Change and The Copenhagen Diagnosis. These sources are important because they are scientific journals that allows peer editing by other scientists. After watching Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth I feel I understand the true damage being done to our planet and I feel ashamed by not only our nation but many others past policies towards the environment. Therefore change must occur very soon or the damage done may threaten human existence.


Group 2

Group 2

Well done, especially for attempting to answer all the questions! Thanks for posting your reflection, it is interesting to see your own thoughts on the film and its material. Please have a look at Anthony's post as it would be interesting to see some reflection on the UK based students views as well. You can always add a comment under their post! :)

I agree with everything written here, especially on how congress and politics have slowed progress down tremendously. The film seemed to almost suggest that when Gore lost the election that year, the issue of sustainability went down with him. While the United States obviously had an issue of national security on its hands, it would have been nice to see the Bush administration focus on other areas as well.

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