Group 5 US article on climate change

by csalisb1 on October 20, 2014 - 11:41am

The United States as a whole decided not to take action in climate change. But a few individual states and cities chose to do something anyway, one of which is California. The article is about how they are the leading force in climate change, and how they were the ones who started it. It also asks a big question, do we have to do this alone?


An interesting article - thanks for sharing! Given that it was published in November 2012 it would be interesting to reflect on how things have progressed in the US in terms of carbon trading....if at all. Do you agree that California has been a leader in this area? Can you find any evidence to support their claim?

What did you think of the article picked by the UK based students in your group? What discussion did you have and what conclusions did you come to? Please post a summary of your discussion either here or under the UK students page.

Not surprising at all that California led the charge. I'm sure locally in every state there are actions being done all the time to fight climate change which is why it's unfortunate that on a national scale there isn't much evidence to prove it.

Please elaborate on the U.K side of things, but good to see California took the initiative. Everyone else just needs to get on board with it now.

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