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by adigiaco on November 14, 2014 - 12:31pm

There were many similarities and differences between the U.S. articles and the U.K. articles. For the discussion our group came up with, we saw that for both sets of articles, the people in communities seemed to favor certain renewable energies that were more popular with the public officials; they were drawn towards the more voted for energies. For the U.S. articles, the certain types of energies were voted upon political groups such as democrats and republicans. The democrats have solar power as their top choice and the republicans have natural gas as their top choice. For the U.K. articles, wind power seems to be more favored by people in that country than people in the U.S. It said, “70 to 80 percent of the people in the U.K. favored wind power”.

We also discussed that in areas that it is windier, wind power is more useful and in areas that it is sunnier, solar power is more useful. It depends on which areas of the world you live in that certain renewable energies are more efficient. Combining wind and solar power in certain areas, is key to actually generating a substantial amount of electricity. 


why do democrats favour solar and why do republicans favour gas? What is their justification?
What are your personal opinions?
Which states are best for Wind Power? Are those states blue or red?

Republicans are generally stereotyped as going with conventional methods. If it's not broke don't fix it and not taxing the people to obtain things. Gas is also a multi-billion dollar industry and creates jobs. Democrats are connected to change and taking hits early on to benefit yourself down the road. States on the coast and ones with more real-estate are ideal for wind turbines.

I also found that wind power in the U.K is more in favor there than in the U.S. Seems to be that in the U.S, the whole "not in my back yard" thought process is the key factor in whether people want these alternative energy sources. It is understandable that people dont want to take away from the natural and untouched appearance of nature, but if we are to move forward in the future with renewable energy sources, we are going to have to think about the bigger picture.

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