Group 3 Climate Change Article Summary

by jcloke on October 26, 2014 - 12:13pm

Climate Change Article Summary

Group 3



Our group chose to pick articles that we felt were relevant to our degrees.  The U.K group chose an online article from BBC News concerning permafrost melting in Siberia. The American group chose a similar online article from USA Today concerning permafrost melting in Alaska.  As a group we discussed the similarities between the two articles. We also discussed any differences between the two articles, but found only one difference.

                One major similarity that we discussed is that both Siberia and Alaska are heavily affected by global warming. A big problem is that businesses, housing, and other structures are built on this permafrost, and when the ground thaws is causes the structures to shift and even sink into the ground. Another similarity is that massive amounts of CO2 is released from thawing permafrost  thus increasing the amount of greenhouse gases that lead to global warming, which in turn leads to a more rapid rate of permafrost melting. We also discussed that, due to permafrost melting, ecosystems in Alaska and Siberia are feeling the negative effect of climate change and this effect will continue to worsen with the more greenhouse gasses that are released from this melting.

                The only differences that we found between these two articles is the Alaska article concentrates more on the local effect of permafrost melting, while the Siberia article focuses more on the larger scale effects. In the Alaska article, interviews are given to local home owners that are feeling the direct effect of the permafrost melting. One home owner states the foundation of her home raises and lowers up to 7 inches in a day. In Siberia the formation of stalactites and stalagmites in caves is due to rain water and snow melt permeating through the permafrost, which allows researchers a way to analyze the effects of climate change in Siberia.

                We discussed how relevant these articles are on a global scale. Everywhere on earth, the effects of climate change are being felt.  The melting of Permafrost is a direct result of climate change. Changes need to be made on a global scale because if we continue on the same path we are on now, the permafrost melting in the northern hemisphere is only going to worsen and more  greenhouse gasses are going to be released, contributing to the problem.


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