Group 1 Climate Change Article

by on October 27, 2014 - 9:13am

Ice sheets, Glaciers, and sea ice have huge impacts on our earths global climate and ocean current patterns, so we chose an article on Antarctic ice change. I found it interesting how Arctic sea ice is declining, while Antarctic sea ice is going up.


Why do Ice sheets, Glaciers, and Sea ice have huge impacts on earths global climate? Why is Artic sea ice declining? and why is Antarctic sea ice going up?

I agree,
As we all know, the glaciers, ice sheets and sea ice levels have dramatically dropped in the last century. Through the technological advances in the last 20 years global warming has become a major environmental threat to the whole planet. The use of cars and other habits are the main cause of our planet becoming warmer every year. This unfortunate reality is the cause of abnormal weather changes and other natural phenomenons around the world. Although we have to raise awareness for this issue because this behaviour is unsustainable and will put our future generations in great danger. Therefore we must take a stand and find more sustainable ways of living our lives that don't affect our planet.

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