Environmental Justice GRP 3

by jcloke on December 11, 2014 - 2:19pm


I Agree,
These companies are not taking the environment in to account and they don't care about whom they hurt and what they hurt. The companies destroy forest to build a pipe line that transports oil, tar sand oil, natural gas... All these energy sources produce a very high level of CO2 when they are in use.Shell is a multi billion-dollar company and if they would spend a tenth more they would have avoided all these environmental and contemporary issues. I would have included the 4 billion dollars shell had to pay and the incident caused 11.5 billion dollars in damages. Countries like Canada should concentrate on transporting Hydro-Electricity from Quebec and trying to find away to provide a renewable source of energy to all of Canada and all its bordering countries. The USA should provide solar panels and wind turbines to their hotter and windier states so take advantage of the renewable energy source that will change the US' economy for the better. These countries need to take sustainability into account because when the oil run out they will be prepared to change the way they live and change the energy they use every day.

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