Enviro Justice Summary Group 3

by jcloke on December 17, 2014 - 5:04am

Group 3 Our group chose to discuss the shell oil spill in Nigeria in further detail. Shell was repeatedly warned by its own employees about the pipeline leaking but did not take fault until the pipeline burst in November 2008. Theft along the oil pipeline is uncontrollable, and it is thought that the JTF and police are allowing this to take place only if they are paid off. Key stakeholders are Shell and the military forces. Shell is losing thousands of barrels of oil a day due to theft and sabotage, and the military forces are either losing or making a lot of money depending on how many illegal operations they allow on the trans-Nigerian pipeline. Some solutions to the situation at hand would be if Shell were to put money into local communities along the pipeline, this could help with protection of the pipeline and the communities would not be so poverty stricken. The communities do not get any compensation for the pipeline. It can be argued that the money Shell wants to spend on a new pipeline to avoid these communities, if they spent even a tenth of that on the local communities, these problems may not even exist. A related issue is how a company in Canada called TransCanada wants to build a pipeline from Alberta Canada to the gulf coast of Texas and transport tar sands oil, one of the world’s dirties fuels. There is much concern about this pipeline because it could devastate ecosystems, pollute water sources, and jeopardize public health.


I like that you tied it back to a current issue in the US.

Well done guys!
I really like the way you have linked what's happened in Nigeria to what could happen else where. You've provided some good suggestions as to what Shell could do to ease/solve the problems. What do you think that Shell could specifically invest money in?

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