The American Public's Energy Choice Summary

by jgridle4 on November 13, 2014 - 3:46pm

In America people’s biggest concern with energy resources is the cost and the effect it has on the environment. Many people view coal as a cheap source of energy, but realize that it is very harmful to the environment, people view natural gas to be not as harmful, but cost more to produce, with wind people view it as a cheap source of energy and of cores has no environmental effect. The reason why some energy resources are used much more than others is because people view the economic perspective and environmental perspectives very differently. Mostly all Americans want a greener energy but big energy corporations try to make a profit so the use what is cheaper to them so in that case it’s more about the money than the environment.


Yes i agree that in the U.S people have very different views on the economic and environmental perspectives. We do however lean more toward becoming a "greener" country, we just have to work on the politics behind it all. Hopefully in the near future we as a country can come together on these issues and decide what we are going to do to end our reliance on fossil fuels, and how to make the steps to a more sustainable future.

I agree that the Unites States needs to change the way they consumer their energy because they are not caring enough for the environment. They have the tendency to look for the best value in energy but when you get value the energy source is normally the worse for the environment. They have to want to make a better energy source, not to save money but to provide a safer future for the next generations. Comparing coal, natural, gas and wind energy shows us how much we can diminish our CO2 excretion and trying to get it to little to no pollution. Coal is the cheapest source around and its the worst for the environment. Natural gas was a good alternative because its not to expensive but still destroys the environment around its usage. Wind turbines are the future for the USA because it’s the cheapest renewable source of energy, which its environmental footprint is almost existent. US is ready for a greener future just that politicians need make the environment important and to make people realize that we need to change the way we live before its too late and our world become inhabitable because of all the pollution we let happen to out world. I would propose that the United States starts to use energy sources by their ecological footprint instead of their price tag. Most of the good and worth technology is expensive but is a long-term investment that will payoff. Alternative energy: wind power, Hydroelectricity and any new form of alternative energy that will provide a sustainable energy source. The US' ultimate goal should be to eliminate the usage of all fossil fuels for the better of the American people and to make their country a greener, sustainable home for their citizens

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