European Vs American attitudes towards recycling

by ajess1 on February 8, 2015 - 2:50pm

Do the differences in how we are raised, our environment, or even just our own willingness to feel compassion effect why some societies are more environmentally concious? Is our willingness to recycle connected to the attituedes of those around us and convience of the task?
As an American that has visited Austira I found that across the country (Austria) is the the everyday norm to be environmentally concious and recyce. Simple tasks such as sorting paper plastic and glass is not practiced here in the United States by everone. To me it is mind blowing, but I am sure that it is becase I know the consequences of not doing so. Many states here in the U.S do not enforce recycling, or even make it an easy option. In a GFK poll 75% of people said that they feel good about makine steps toward helping the environment.  So Is is pure laziness? lack of  incentive? Infact the number of individuals that admitting to feeling guilt about not recyling increaded over the last several yearr, but does that even mean that they are making actions to change their daily habits?

So are europen attitudes really that different, or do they just have the recources that make the process easier? A study showed that the focus is not altimatly in recycling all materials,  but avoiding the need to recycle. Using alternitives such as refillable beverage bottles. Think about that for a second.... even if you just concider alochol products, if all wine, liquor, and beer bottles were reusable the amout of waste produced would greatly be decreased.  This study also showed that this would involve a change in daily attitudes. Changing the buy and throwaway attitude. So maybe this is possible, maybe it is not, 

I look forward to digging deeper into these questions. 
Amy J. 

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