The World's Most Endagered Sea Turtle

by Snipe and Celly on September 23, 2015 - 5:02pm

The Kemp's Ridley sea turtle is the smallest sea turtle on earth growing on average 2 feet long. Through the 1940s, Kemp's Ridley turtle's eggs were a common meal in Mexico which caused the reptile's population to plummet. "Mexico outlawed the harvest in 1966, but poaching continued to take toll." says Amy Sutherland from the Smithsonian magazine, and many turtles got stuck in fish nets and debris which impaired the animal's return.

Many turtles are now found on Cape Cod's beach shores because of it's cold waters. The turtle's, being cold blooded, are incapable of navigating in cold climate. Due to their incapability to swim they are washed up on shores where they often die of hypothermia. Though many hospitals in the area attempt to save the washed up animals, only half of them survive. Thanks to the great help from volunteers and researchers, the turtle's numbers are now rising once more. With the population now at around 9 times what it was in the late 1960s, the heavily endangered species has received another chance.

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