Want A Job ? Make Sure to Be Good at Games

by jin on September 17, 2015 - 6:01pm

When doing an interview for a job, would you rather be doing the traditional stuff such as presentations, quizzes or would you rather play games ? Well, if you belong in the group of person who'd rather play games, there's some big news. Knack, a website that makes you play games actually analyze the data to show you what kind of jobs will fit you the best.

In fact, while playing games that can sometimes be very frustrating, you show the true self of yours. The company who is using this kind of technology to hire people uses the data they collected from the gaming sessions that people played to identify what will be their best job so they can be successful. Also, we all know that people with autism, ADHD and dyslexia have troubles finding jobs. But with this technology, the company shows the true value of the person and helps him/her get a job where it’s best for that person.

This article shows how technology is changing our society by taking a lot places. Instead of normal interviews, we got “gaming interviews” which can have a better analysis. After gathering enough data, employers would be able to find the one they need easier and faster.


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