Strength in Democracy Oilsands

by Snipe and Celly on October 23, 2015 - 1:03am

Jean-Francois Larose is a leader in the Strength in Democracy party along with ex Bloc Quebecois member Jean-Francois Fortin. They both desire environmentally friendly and citizen favoring laws. Jean-Francois Larose announced in an interview that he was strongly against the proposed Keystone XL, the Kinder Morgan as well as the Energy East pipelines because “citizens don’t want it, it’s not clean, it’s dangerous and it’s high risk”. He also agrees with the affirmation NDP made that states Canada needs to meet its greenhouse gas emission reduction policies. The statement that oilsands are harmful to our environment and need to be stopped is easy to make, yet oilsands are essential to our economy. How will we get to work or have easy access to our everyday materials if oilsands aren’t used? Of course we need to reduce our greenhouse emission but not by completely ridding Canada of its pipelines essentially killing the Canadian economy. What we should do instead is find alternatives on what to use in order to suppress our oilsand use or replace it by another resource that provides the same uses without as much pollution, though this is easier said than done. If the Strength in Democracy proposed different ways on which to achieve this they would obtain much more recognition.

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