Refugee or fugitive ?

by Maude07 on September 10, 2015 - 11:05pm

Last year, in Canada, we only accept nine syrians when there is an armed conflict. Harper claimed during a campaign that before they accept immigrant they want to make sure that the canadian are in security. In the other hand, Justin Trudeau protest that he is using this issue to not do more about it. The civils who ask for a visa are more and more desperate because the systeme is slow and complicated. Also, the governemt envisaged to protect and settle 10 000 immigrants for the few years to come. However, the plan will not be meet because the government doesn’t set it up significantly.

I think that we should and we could save more innocents civils. My conscience tells me that we can’t let so much innocent people in this armed conflict. The Canada is safe and can let people etablish theirself so they can be protected.  There’s a lot of people already living in Canada. Maybe someone in thier family brother, cousin, ect, can help them and have the same chance to live in security then to be caught in the conflict zone. If someone have a hearth attack we would save him it’s not his fault. So why are we helping not much of them they are caught unprepared in this war. However, it’s a big deal. We could save the wrong person and that will be a danger for the canadian. For example they don’t have the same culture they don’t have the same rules or mentality and they can even bring some ideas here.

In conclusion, the systeme may take long but it’s to favorise our security. It’s not perfect it could be more effective and more helpful for the innocent caught in there but we can be sure that we are in security.


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