Netflix vs. Cable

by Sarahfugere on November 5, 2015 - 1:49pm

Netflix is the new way to experience your favorite movies and TV shows. Before Netflix, cable TV was thought to have it all. It had color imaging, which was an achievement made many years ago, and had live viewing like with the famous TV show American Idol. Although, once Netflix came along we saw an option that had the same features as on TV but was cheaper, more accessible, had no ads, had no scheduled airing time for your most anticipated shows and most of all had original content not found on cable TV.  Shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Hemlock grove, Narcos and many more are produced by the Netflix Company and are exclusively on the streaming website.

The article from Maclean’s Magazine released in 2013 titled “Killing Cable” talks about how Netflix is winning against regular TV in terms of subscribers and revenue and what Netflix must do in terms of marketing to reach higher numbers in the future.  In 2013 “Netflix had 29.2 million U.S subscribers to HBO’s 28.7 million” and had “stock prices shoot up 24% in one day”. This article was written before the new show Orange is The New Black aired and other exclusive and original content such as Narcos was released. The article mentions “What Netflix doesn’t have yet is original content to match the cable giants…” However, we all know today that Netflix has taken this into consideration and has created exclusive productions that promise entire seasons rather than a pilot episode like TV does. Therefore, to this day Netflix as become a top selling company that is very powerful in the entertainment world compared to cable TV.

Similarly, the article from the magazine The New Yorker called “Netflix and the Future of Television” written in 2014, a year later, mentions a lot of the same aspects as the previous article. “Netflix and the Future of Television” also talks about Netflix’s success compared to cable TV. However, they talk about Blockbuster, an older competitor than HBO. To this day Netflix continues to surpass the highest rival companies of the world in the media and entertainment industry by offering different and better options than its competitors. Both articles comment that Netflix is better in terms of the lack of advertisements, the availability of quality and special content and the fact that an individual can watch their favorite shows and movies on their own time and they don’t have to wait for it to be aired, like with regular cable TV.

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