McDavid, Edmonton's Superhero?

by Snipe and Celly on September 10, 2015 - 10:41pm

With the first pick of the 2015 NHL draft the Edmonton Oilers scooped up the next big star centerman, Connor McDavid. According to Bruce McCurdy from the Edmonton Journal, McDavid is a prodigious player who is very likely to stand amongst the best of his generation. Another player that has carried such a title is the prestigious Sidney Crosby who has proven himself as the best hockey player in the world.

With their weak past seasons, even with the acquisition of strong players such as Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Taylor Hall, the Edmonton Oilers and their fans were extremely rejoiced to see McDavid enter the roster. Now the question remains, will the Oilers anesthetize McDavid's career as they did to Nugent-Hopkins' and Hall's or will McDavid be able to rescue the Oilers from their rough times?

 Although some people disagree, the Oilers did sedate the two star's careers as they entered the NHL due to lack of proper team management. These young stars, although filled with talent, have little experience with winning in the NHL. Does McDavid posses the sufficient skill to help the Oilers or will he simply be another player lost in their misery?

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