by Maude07 on September 24, 2015 - 11:24pm

Homophobia is still a burden in our actual society. There are some thoughts that explain the homophobic person tend to be psychotic or they have psychotic trait like hostility, anger and aggression toward others. In some early studies, people with negative reaction to gays and lesbians tends to harbor same-sex desires themselves. Other sudies, say that homophobic are really disgust by same-sex attraction. There is also other reason like religon that don’t accept gays and lesbians.

I think, this type of thought should be banish from our actual world. Things changes, people evolved and we should be more open to those sort of things. They don’t choose to be like that and it’s normal to be attract from a person who have the same-sex has you. We should open our mind, it’s better to see those person happy then to see them unhappy with someone from the other sex. We are not obligated to follow what the society want us to look alike. We have to create our own personnality, find and do whatever makes us happy.

In conclusion we really have to change our thoughts. Open our minds to fresh and new things.



I totally agree with you and I think things will change but we just have to be patient and sensibilize people. Women rights and racism are problem that really evolved positively during the last decades and homophobia will do the same. However, there is still some work to do to eliminate homophobia since gay people are 2.5 times more at risk of being victims of a violent crime.
Stats taken from: http://luttehomophobie.gouv.qc.ca/comprendre

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