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by RoxanneGaro on October 21, 2015 - 6:02pm

In a electoral campain, each party's found issues and try there best to resolve them by making promesses.The green party environemental platform is focused on three main issues. Climate change, building a sunstainable economyand  oil sands developpement 

To help these issues, the party have plans. Let's begin with climate change. First, the party aim to reduce carbon emissions by 38 per cent by 2025. The party also want to change his transportation plans by investing in Canada's Network of  railway's. They want to transport oil by rail rather than pipeline and implant stricted standards of  rail transport to improve safety.They promise also to invest 764$ million in improvements to VIA rail by 2020. Finally the party also promise to position Canada at the UN Paris talk in december if elected.

About the substainable economy, they pledge to invest in Canada's rapidly growing renewable-energy and clean-technology sectors. They both will be able to provide communities to generate renewable power and provide Canadian good local job's. They also will provide training for the laid-off oil sand workers to help them apply their trades, educations and experience to building renewable infrastructure.

Oil and sand developpement. They will end fossil fuel industry and invest in renewable-energy and clean-tech sectors. The party do not call for an imediate shut down of oil sand operations. Instead they propose to increase canada ability to refine oil to create new jobs at home.

In conclusion, all these action put in place by the green party will hopefully help they environement.


I think for the same issue, my party and yours does not have the same ideology about it. In fact, with your blog, I managed to learn more about the environmental issues of the Green Party. But as you can see in the Communist Party of Canada, they tend to exaggerate things a lot such as funding high-speed rail as a better alternative to highways and airlines or imposing heavy fines and jail terms against polluters and destructive corporate practices, such as clear-cutting, in-ocean fish farming, and deep-sea draggers. Source : However, they both want to help environment in different ways which is interesting.

Having studying the Rhinoceros party, I am glad more serious parties are considering our environment. However, I think it should be important to evaluate the propositions of any party willing to help the environment, since the ideas they suggest may not be realistic, or not in the period of time they propose. Still, if they are not lying as the Rhinos, then we can hope of a better environment, giving our people and the future generations a better world to live on.

I think your party offers some very interesting ideas which allowed me to learn interesting information about this political party. However if I compare the Bloc Québécois’s numbers with the Green Party, they plan on reducing 80 to 95% amount of gases by 2050, which in the end would be better for our environment. In my opinion, the Green Party seems to have a more detailed plan and seem to know what they want to do in order to help our environment compared to the Bloc Québécois who doesn’t really mention much. Here is a link where we can see the comparison between all the parties and their views on the environment. I think all the political parties have similar and different goals to help the environment, wanting to create a positive impact; however, some have more detailed and focused ideas than others.

I find the Green Party’s plan for the environment much more credible than the Conservative Party’s platform. First of all, the Green Party actually tries to attack several problems relating to our environment while the Conservatives main plan involves building more pipelines. Additionally, the Green Party suggests ways that it will help our environment by offering solutions, compared to the Conservatives who only stated what they planned to do. Finally, Elizabeth May’s party planned to invest in renewable energy, a way in which both economy and the environment work in unison. This is compared to Harper’s view that either the economy or the environment must be prioritized. For a more detailed list of what the main parties planned to do if elected, I recommend checking out the following link. It compares the main political party’s stances on not only the environment, but several other issues as well.

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