Feminism or gender equality?

by DariushN on September 10, 2015 - 9:27pm

All around the world, the number of feminists continues to grow and they all want the same thing, which is equality to men. What excited me about this article is the subject of feminism. I always wanted to fully understand their point of view and their goals, and most importantly how they are trying to solve the problem. At the end of this month, representatives from all over the world will gather in New York to discuss sensitive subjects such as world poverty and try to make the first steps to solve those problems. One famous subject is gender equality. The article talks about how women are treated and how they are seen as inferior to men, and the author gives a lot of examples of this.


What bothers me in this article is that we talk about gender equality but the author keeps defending women, and saying that we should do something to help them, as if men were being treated well everywhere. The article starts with an introduction talking about “full equality of men and women” but then is followed by the whole emphasis on only one gender. The word “women” is even mentioned 11 times in 9 small paragraphs, compared to the not existent number of the word “men/man”. We never talk about situations for example like the fact that women have a higher chance of getting a job than men, or that women that claim to have been a victim of abuse is taken more seriously than men.