Fashion Fail

by RoxanneGaro on September 23, 2015 - 5:08pm

The fashion industry is a really hard industry. This industry have many parts, plus size, child, sport etc. One thing sure if you want your brand to get bigger you have to be able to fit many categorie of customer in it but what happen when one of the famous brand CEO start to criticize a certain categories of person?


Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jefferys publicly said that he did not wanted "fat chick" to wear his brand and that's why he did not make XL sizes in his women department. He claim that "fat chicks" are not popular person and that he only what to see his brand wear by "cool kids" and assume that plus size girl can't be cool. He also doesn't want larger people to shop in his store he only wants beautiful and thin people. What about the guy department? In the boys department XL clothes are made only because the CEO thinks that larger boys mean athlete guy.


I'm writing on this subject because I personally think that this CEO is crazy. I mean, how can you be so mean bring down people and judge people by the way they look. If someone is bigger then someone else doesn't make them a bad person or a looser. I wish that more people see this article and bring down this CEO fashion industry is about making people happy,  new grands that fit everyone not about bringing people down because they can wear your brand.


Hello Roxanne, I completely agree with your statement. Demeaning a woman’s body type because they are not the typical idea of what the media has portrayed as a “beautiful” woman is a disgrace. As women, each and every one of us is different but does that mean that one kind of different is better than the other kind? Au contraire, this is what makes beauty. What Abercrombie & Fitch’ CEO said was shameful and it was an ignorant and disrespectful comment. However, I believe that focusing on the idiocies of the world is a waste of time as there are many people who think the exact opposite. For example, the renowned Addition Elle store is known for promoting beauty for thicker women all while staying respectful to everyone else. Famous model Ashley Graham is a stunning plus size model who says: “Curves are not a trend. She talks more about her experience with the fashion industry here:
This is an example of true beauty.

I totally agree with you on the fact that he is crazy. It's as if he was living in his own prejudiced world. Plus, who is he to judge other people like that? I know lots of women who are "fat" and they are some of the coolest people I've ever met. They're really nice and they've got sass and personality. Moreover, I think that he fail as designer because I always thought that fashion designer existed to make other people look fabulous no matter their size. In addition, not only is he creating a bad reputation, but he is also putting dirt on the name of this profession. When other people know about what he said about the size of the clothes he makes, I think they'll be less tempted to buy his brand. I know that I will never buy his brand.

It is extremely disappointing to hear that such discrimination exists in this century! Even if things like racism and feminism are big things that people have stood up against, I feel like nobody gives any importance to things like this, that have such a big importance in our society! Not only do people already feel self-conscious about themselves because of the images that are projected in magazines, and the super thin models used to advertise the clothes of a store, but some girls can't even wear the clothes they want? What is our society turning into? I agree that this CEO is being extremely unreasonable and judgmental towards girls. There are so many brands that exist, I am sure that if you were to see someone wearing an XL in a certain clothing brand, you won’t not buy it? This is absolutely ridiculous and must stop!

I couldn’t agree with you more, this is actually the reason I refuse to shop there. Abercrombie & Fitch and all other big brands alike reinforces the idea that women are only attractive if they are as thin as a twig, young girls and women who shop there struggle to fit into that ideal. According to the documentary Miss Representation, 57% of 13 year-old girls are unhappy about their body , that number goes up to 78% for girls over the age of 17 and 60% of women are not satisfied with the way their body is. These are some big and scary numbers, and it’s the fashion companies along with the help of the media that is making the female population feeling this way. The bigger the men’s sizes are the more athletic they are supposed to be? Wow… Shouldn't that be the same for the women? Women work about too. Base on the measurements of many high fashion houses, a size 6 is considered to be plus size in the fashion industry. A size 6 is the size of an average American woman. The media and the fashion industry objectifies a woman’s body and sadly we are feeding into it. We are letting the society to dictate us on how our body should look like.

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