Everyone Should Wear Crocs

by Snipe and Celly on September 18, 2015 - 1:25am

Everyone should start embracing crocs as they are an incredibly versatile pair of footwear and are very easy to maintain.

To begin with, they are slip resistant! Aren't you tired of falling down the stairs because your shoe fell off? All you have to do is start wearing crocs as they never slip off your foot. Your feet will never be as sweatless as they would be in a pair of crocs. They have holes all around the shoe allowing air to pass through and ventilate your foot. Never again will you stink up the car when removing your shoe after a long day outside as crocs dont make your feet sweat.
Their best feature is that they are extremely versatile, they are made up of a material called croslite which is incredibly durable. You can wear those beauties in water, in rocky terrain, on the beach, you name it! They also barely weigh anything-one pair of crocs weighs as low as 6 ounces. Are you wearing feathers or crocs?
Everyone should be wearing crocs as they are versatile, durable, light and comfortable. They also come in any color you want and are, therefore, a greatly fashionable item.

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