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by Snipe and Celly on November 4, 2015 - 12:22am

Entomophagy is the practice of eating comestible insects such as arachnids and centipedes. This process is shunned upon by the societies of rich countries as the Europeans looked down upon it when colonizing the world because they observed many tribes they considered as ‘savages’ practicing this. It can also be because due to western culinary habits rooting from colder climates with fewer insects and increased farming of larger animals. Although this practice may seem disgusting to most, it would be extremely beneficial to the environment and to our health if everyone adopted this lifestyle.

If we look at a map, it is estimated that 38% of what we see is agricultural and farming land. If we changed our diet to eating insects rather than animals, we could reduce this number by a significant amount. It takes around 200 square meters to grow 1 pound of beef while growing a pound of cricket takes only 15 square meters. Farming animals takes over 90% more space than farming insects.

To continue, only 40% of a cow is edible and digestible by humans while humans can fully digest 80% of a cricket. This means not only are insects easier to farm, they are also easier to consume. They will also cause less health risks as they do not require additional hormones to enhance their growth because they only take 2-3 weeks to reach full size.

It is expected that in 2025, 1.8 billion humans will live in areas with little to no potable water. If water is imperative to our survival, why do we use 70% of our potable water to quench livestock and nourish crops? Why use an irreplaceable and essential resource to produce one that could easily be substituted? While it takes 10 000 liters of water to produce 1 pound of beef, 1600 liters of water to produce 1 pound of pork and 1000 liters of water to produce 1 pound of chicken, it takes less than 1 liter of water to produce 1 pound of cricket. This is because insects can fully hydrate themselves using only the food that they consume.

Although eating insects may seem disgusting, it is very advantageous in many different ways. It takes 90% less space to farm, a higher percentage of a single insect can be eaten compared the percentage of a single animal that can be eaten and insects can fully hydrate themselves with the food they eat requiring little to no water in order to survive.



this was a super interesting article to which i would have never expected to read. However i agree with you. It would most definitely save lots of land that is being used for farming and it would save us lots of water. However, society as a whole has been farming since the earlier years. And in the earlier years there was no pollution. Therefore could we say that perhaps it is not the farming that is affecting out environment but perhaps the technology that allows us to farm at a faster and easier paste? And is eating bugs more sanitary than eating a cow? if so how come when generations were developing, why didn't we start eating bugs before? if it was truly better for our environment, would it already be launching?

I enjoyed reading this article, as it puts into perspective the alternative and more earth-friendly ways to nourish ourselves. I actually tried eating cooked crickets in a Mexican restaurant due to a bet, and to my surprise, it really did not taste bad at all.
The information presented in this article also reminds me of a recent documentary I saw named "Cowspiracy", which depicts the reality of the meat industry and how it creates more greenhouse gases and consumes so much more water than if farming was based solely on producing vegetables. I encourage you to check it out because of the similarity of the arguments presented in your essay and the documentary.


Here is a great idea that we will most likely never see employed in our life time. The reason for this is, unfortunately the obvious one. It is easy to convince people that eating plants instead of produced meats is a healthier, more ecological way of living, and in fact it truly is. But even though the general population is aware of this fact, people are not ready to give up something that has been with us since man first evolved. Now trying to convince people that instead of a big juicy steak or a couple strips of bacon, we should be eating bugs? Not in our life time. Like i said though, it is a good idea for us to eventually explore more of.

Hello, after reading your text on eating bugs I have come to the conclusion that indeed it is a good idea. Eating bugs is a great idea due to the fact that is very good for the environment and it benefits humans. Although, the problem with this idea is the fact that it will be hard to convince humans to start eating bugs due to the fact that the majority of humans think that bugs are disgusting. As much as I enjoyed reading this article and as much as I like the idea of eating bugs, I have to say that there is no way that the idea of eating bugs can be inserted into our society as of present day.

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