Bullying through school

by Maude07 on November 5, 2015 - 5:12pm

Cyberbullying is bigger than we thought. It is not just in the high school, but it goes through college and often in the work place. Cyberbullying takes place when someone is harass by the use of internet. It can be someone that creates a fake account, someone that diffuse images or contents embarrassing for the person involve. Cyberbullying often attack the vulnerable person. The type of person that often suffer of cyberbullying are people of color, people of ethnicity and person with different sexual orientation. During studies, they find out that men were often more bullying than the woman. They find out as weel that 534 students out of 1 025 students haved already been intimidated. Something that is even more surprising is that over 44% of the total student had seen a teacher bullied another student. Some studies thought that bullying decrease with age, but that is false. They observe that the bullying held constant during College, University and even among adults in the workplace.

I think that even if some studies are saying that bullying is decreasing among time, it is not enough. Bullying and Cyberbullying have to stop. A person who is in a bad environment become bad too. If someone is being bullied than he will bully others. Normally if someone is being bullied then he should not bullied in turn. But it is a normal act of self defense and self confidence. I think that more bully we can stop less intimidation will circulate. The best way to reach that conclusion is by denounce bullly.



I have seen bullying at every school i've been to and i don't think bullying even ends with age as well. The one thing that is the most dangerous about bullying though is the aftermath to the person getting bullied. Some people take getting bullied harder than others and it can be very dangerous. People are known to become very depressed from getting bullied. Depression is an awful illness that a lot of people get, but it can be very dangerous if not treated. I think that people who get bullied should try to talk about it with a family member or close friend because it can help a lot with depression. If they get very depressed, they should go see a psychiatrist to get medical help. Bullying is awful and the fact that people continue to bully others no matter what ages is terrible.
The fact that someone bullies somebody else is because of self confidence and and self defence is not always the case. They could be suffering from a mental disorder making them become bullies. Someone with narcissistic personality disorder might intimidate people and make himself seem better as bullying but it could be just because of his illness. By bullying it might make him feel better and thus lead to his disorder.

So not only can bullying begin because of a disorder, but it can lead to a disorder as well. This is extremely important because the topic of mental health is growing and people need to know more about it.

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