by Maude07 on November 3, 2015 - 7:53pm

When we found the use of computer, internet and social media we only thought about the positive effect. We would be more effective at work, we could talk with family, ect. We never thought that the web could bring bad effect too. Through the beginning of social network, bullying is one of the most common problem. Too much children are affect by this issue.


In the first article, it says that bullying is an intentional act to cause psychological pain. Bullying can be observe by posting negative comment on a person or by using picture of someone to laugh about him. The most comon website were we can observe bullying it is on Facebook. On this webpage you can post online were everyone can see or you can send personal message to the person. Therefore, Some act of bullying can’t be apprehend. Some children are experiencing problem that not a single child should live. It has become such a serious probleme, that one of the most sadest consequence is suicide. The website offer many solution for the person who are bullying. Parents have to be alert of that, They have to recognize the signs of cyberbullying. http://nobullying.com/social-media-bullying-has-become-a-serious-problem/  


The content of the second article is real stories experiment by teenagers. For the first story, Justine had a great reflex of telling her parents that she was cyber bully. She is also lucky to have great parents that denounce the bully to the police. We can se that when the bullying is denounce, it have a positive ending. However, Megan did not have that chance. She was overweight, dealing with ADD and managing with bully. Megan’s ex-bestfriend was bullying her on MySpace and at  the same time she was telling bad things about her to Megan’s boyfriend. The most unusual hting was that they discover after her suicide that her boyfriend wasn’t real but he was an invention of the parents of her ex-bestfriend. In the secon story, we can admit that the mother did not seek to stop the problem. This lack of precotion leads to Megan’s death.



Those types of stories really have to stop. If we look at the second story, what a bad exemple of the parents’s ex-bestfriend of Megan. The parents are are transmiting to their children the value of intimitation. This will create a not desire chain of bullying that maybe will take the life of another teenager. I think the best way to get rid of this issue is: the teenagers have to talk about it to someone and if the teenager is not able to denounce it to the police then the person who know it have to denounce it. The most bully we can apprehend the most it will stop.

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