Bloc Quebecois: immigration goals

by Maude07 on October 22, 2015 - 10:29pm

There are some important topics that are debating through the political election. One of the most recurring topics is the immigration. Some are ready to welcome more immigrant and some are not ready to accept more. The Bloc Quebecois have an opinion on it and many restrictions.

In the first article, the Bloc Quebecois approved that the immigrant should have a basis to speak French or English. If they have sufficient knowledge in those language it will be easier to integrate them. Those conditions are not in force for the refugees. The Bloc Quebecois think that the number of immigrant entering the country should be about the same as now. But it’s not their job to determine the number of immigrant entering in the country. They want to separate the religion from the states. Per example, they want to keep the secularism in the school. 

font-family:Times;mso-bidi-font-family:Arial" lang="EN-US">In the second article, it says that the Bloc Quebecois want to improve the immigration system so it will be more adequate and humanistic. They believe that the federal authorities should not control the amount of immigration entering to a province. It should be provincial authorities that control it. They are against the act: Bill C-50.

font-family:Times;mso-bidi-font-family:Arial" lang="EN-US">I think that they are acting well and secure. I totally agree with the fact that the immigrant should have a basis in speaking and understanding French or English, because if they came in Canada and they can’t understand, talk and being independent they will be burdens for the society. They will have difficulty to find a job, earn a salary and have trouble in their integration. Consequently, they won’t be happy in their new country and won’t help the person around them. I agree with them about the control of the amount of immigrant entering in the province. It should be the provincial authorities that care about it. I find it to large for the federal authorities to care about every province, they have many more issues to care about. I definitively think that the immigration system should have more attention and should be improve. We have to care about the refugees, if we are able to save lives than we should do it.

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