Baseball Should Return to The Olympics

by Snipe and Celly on September 10, 2015 - 11:53pm

In 2005 the International Olympic Committee decided to remove baseball from the summer olympic games as only 16 countries took part in this discipline. It was also removed to avoid extra cost for the countries that wouldn't accommodate many spectators during the baseball games. But with the 2020 summer olympic games being held in Japan, there is a high probability of baseball being reintroduced to the Summer Olympics.

Every host country is given the right to include a discpline of their choice to the games. Baseball ,being extremely popular in Japan, makes for a good candidate for this new sport. Although we shouln't get our hopes up as the International Olympic Committee is also considering squash or karate as those are also very popular in Japan.

The only issue with introducing baseball is that we would not be able to have MLB players take part in the games as they have their seasons to complete with their respective teams. We also wouldn't see the Dominican Republic play baseball as all their players are playing in the MLB. This would be like having no Italy in a World Cup.

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