Sports are a lot more about what happens off the field than on.

by Saumure on March 20, 2013 - 3:26pm

Sports and education come hand in hand. Winning isn't the ultimate goal, sports have a positive impact on a students education which is more valuable than winning a game.

Students who participate in sports while going to school can have positive impacts on grades and help develop many other skills throughout their education. They can easily make friends with other teammates and help each other out with school work, it helps keep a healthy lifestyle for students and  gives a better self esteem, teaches valuable lessons that the student-athlete can carry with them throughout their lives. Leadership, ability to learn, commitment and hard work can all be easily transferred from the field to the classroom. Sports can also offer many different opportunities for students, for example; students can get offered scholarships for Colleges and Universities to play for their team and at the same time attend school and maintain a good grade while doing so. This gives the opportunity for students who can't afford College or University the chance to excel in their sports but education at the same time. Sports also keep students focused, they tend to concentrate more on school and their game which helps them to ignore all other things that can have negative impacts on their lives like drugs and violence. "There was a significant positive link between physical activity participation and academic performance (Lidner, 2002)" this proves the fact that students who participate in sports have a positive impact on how well they do in school. The relationship between sports and school is a great opportunity for students to participate in, it promotes a great lifestyle for the youth and later on has a great impact on their lives.

Stead, Richard. "The impact of physical education and sport on education outcomes: a review of literature."Institute of Youth Sport School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences Loughborough University. (2010): 1-39. Print.



I am commenting on your abstract because i completely agree with you on all of your points! From my own personal experience of participating in sports when i was kid it instilled in me the importance of teamwork and that winning isn't everything. You clearly mention the arguments you will be covering and you seem passionate about this issue.

Great job, and i wish you luck in your paper!

I think that your essay topic is original and interesting. Judging from your abstract, your thesis is clear and your arguments are very pertinent. You clearly know how to support them. Good luck with your essay!

I am commenting on your post because when I first read the title I couldn't understand what the link was between sports and education. Through reading your abstract, I now understand. It is true and I can definitely see the relevance between the two. Students who participate in sports are taught a lot especially on team work and perseverance and I think that's really important also when it comes to education. I like your abstract and I think your going to have a great essay !

I think that you chose a good subject and that it was well explain. Also, I agree that the sports have a positive impact on the students, that motivates them and that it often gives a good impacts when it comes to their grades. Your quotations that you are well reference and I also think that you did a good text. The tittle is also good because it gets right to the point of what is going to be said in the text.

The tittle is great, because their are many students that might not be on a school team but love playing many sports for fun with their friends, also your ideas are great.

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