Strength Will Never Be Enough

by Fearless18 on February 27, 2013 - 3:39pm

It seems that the more years go by, bullying is becoming worse and worse. Bullying is not only not being taken seriously, but it now occurs to be casually happening around the world. Amanda Todd was a fifteen year old girl from British Columbia who was severely bullied. It began when she would go on webcam with strangers just to meet new people. It got out of hand when a guy asked her to flash him, and so she did. The guy later threatened her to put on another show or else he would black mail her, but she did not. A year later, a nude picture of her was spread all over the internet. She lost her all of her friends and respect people had for her. She changed school several times, but her story always followed her. Meanwhile she was extremely depressed, she was using drugs and alcohol, and later began to cut her wrists. She started to get involved with a guy, to later find out that he has a girlfriend. The girlfriend went to Amanda’s school and beat her up in front of the whole school. She then went home and tried to kill herself by drinking bleach, but ended up in the hospital. September 2012, she posted a YouTube video explaining her whole story with then leaving a message saying “I have nobody, I need someone”. Three weeks after the video was posted, she committed suicide. Her parent’s claim to have tried to help her as much as possible providing her with counselors and doctors. It is ridiculous how a school’s administration does not take bullying seriously. The administrations also said that they tried their best to help. If they would have really helped, Amanda would not have had to change school several times. It is unfortunate that school’s do not in force severe consequences for bullying, because as a result teenagers being bullied can end their lives. How can these education systems not see what they have done to innocent teenagers?


In the case of Amanda Todd I think there is also an issue of sexual education that created the problem. The double standard that branding girls as "sluts" and men as "players" for promiscuity condemns women for seeking sexual opportunities. The attempt to blackmail the girl should have been the real issue within the community of students at school but instead the target became Amanda Todd. This has happened way too often with many girls and the sexual insecurity of most children in school stems from lack of education and familiarity with the topic. I say stop ignoring sexual education and make it normal to talk to your kids about their sexuality and that it is normal. Demystifying the subject is the best way to removing one of the biggest tools bullies have. 

I agree to the fact that administration in school boards, rarely get involved in conflicts like this because these acts sometimes happens 'in the shadows' and are done quick so it is hard to see what the victim is suffering from. I believe as soon as a kid has the guts to step up and says they are getting bulied, the administration should place the victim in more alone times or more under a certain watch. Watch this video though, a bully that gets the short end!

Hi Fearless 18 :)

This summary in particular really got my attention because I know first hand that bullying is one of the most horrible things an individual can go through; especially going through it alone. I know this for a fact because I have been bullied myself and I still cannot seem to understand how the administration did not do anything about this bullying when it was happening to Amanda Todd. How can one not see the bullying that was going in that school in particular, how can one be so closed- minded about the fact that bullying was a happening right it front of them. I must say I give Amanda Todd (May she forever rest in peace) a lot courage for going what she went through for quite some time when no one seemed to care. Bullying needs to be stopped in its tracks before own lives get taken. 

I totally agree with this situation about how the admistration does not take more responsibility. Some of the teenagers or kids that are getting bullied, some of them do nothing about it. They don't go to the admistration for help, instead they make it worst for them. I understand the fact that if you go to the admistration, they can do a lot more then not going to anyone at all. How is the admistration suppose to prove that this person is getting bullied, unless the teenagers bring proof to prove it. 

This article grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it. Bullying is a subject that affects me in so many ways and I can confirm that the education system coudn't care less about what is happening inside the walls of their schools. The case of Amanda Todd is incredibly tragic and my biggest wish is for these kinds of things to stop as soon as possible. I comletely agree with the fact that schools need to be more severe and impose more consequence to bullying in school. However, we are all aware that bullying does not stop within the limits of the school, but it continues at home with cyberbullying. I also believe that cyberbullying should be managed and controlled by the school.

First i would like to add koodos on the title because that is the reason i'm commenting. i find it is extremely frustrating when there is a social problem like bullying and it is acknowledged by everyone but very little is being done. I personally feel that the education system is at fault and so is the internet. We need to demolish this problem before more and more kids are harmed. 1 out of 7 people by the ages of 9-12 have been bullied and to me I just cant stand that statistic. There needs to be a soultion and fast.

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