Sex Education in Schools (Abstract)

by Tiziana Gualtieri on March 27, 2013 - 10:46pm

The Content that my issue occurs in is Social, and educational

Thesis Statement: This essay will show that comprehensive sexual education is needed in schools instead to abstinence only programs because teenagers are not being informed of the consequences that can occur when being sexually active. With abstinence only programs there has been a high rate in unplanned pregnancies and STDs. 

Reasons/ Premises

  • Abstinence only programs are related to increased pregnancy and birth rates among teens. The U.S has the highest rate of teen pregnancies and STD's and it does not help teens delay the curiosity they have of sex or to protect themeself if they are to have it.
  • The more abstinence is stressed the more teens are likely to engage in sexual activity. For example if someone constantly tells you not to do something you are likely to do it.
  • Comprehensive sex education is effective at assisting young people make healthy decisions about sex and adopt healthy sexual behaviors because parents are not always comfortable talking to their children about sex so it is effective that teens have somewhere to turn to so they learn about the responsibilities that come with being sexual active and don't have to deal with any consequences later on. 
Currently looking for more explanations to help the arguments any suggestions and is the thesis statement alright?


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I totally agree with you when you say that sexual education is needed in schools since most teenagers start having sex a lot more early than previous years without knowing about consequences that could occur. The majority are not even alert of the danger of being affect by sexual transmitted diseases (STDs). Also, teenagers that are sexually active at a young age do not know what a condom is so they get pregnant because they are not sexually educated. Here is a story that we can relate to your article :

It explains how kids start at a young age to post pictures of them naked on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. According to me, it proves that they did not get sex educated by their parents or by their school. Sex education should be a mandatory course in the first high school year to avoid teenagers to commit errors such as getting pregnant and being affected by STDS.  

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