The impact bullying has on education

by Fearless18 on March 20, 2013 - 2:55pm

Bullying is a tremendous issue that is effecting education, and is becoming worse everyday. My conclusion is that it is effecting education because it causes a student to focues less on school work, it can lead to the change in school, and possibly suicide.

In my essay, I want to demonstrate what a huge impact bullying has on education. In my oppinion, the worse time for bullying to occur is in high school. In high school, teenagers are much more vulnerable and insecure, which therefore makes them targets. High school is also the worse time for bullying to take place because teenagers tend to have in their mind that their is no solution to a problem such as bullying, so they let it keep on going. It is so unfortunate that bullying has to interfere with one's school work. An individual may skip class or do poorly in a class due to bullying. They also might feel too intimidated that they decide to change school. Also, they might even committ suicide if they feel that their is no hope to their situation. All of these factors tie with education because bullying is a huge distraction when you are trying to get an education. Administrations should take part in making awarness and possibly also Quebec should come out with a law against bullying.

These are a couple of my sources;

Do you think that their is anything i can do to make my arguments stronger? Is their any other issues that you think i should discuss that contribute to bullying and education?



I chose to comment your post since I have the same interesting subject as you.  in my opinion, you should reduce the number of arguments and make the main one stronger.  You can develop your main arguments better in this case. If you want, you can talk about bullying at an early age instead of talking only about high school bullying.

The reason i'm commenting on your post is about your topic, it's very interesting and a concerning problem that we we need to take care about. You have really interesting information but I think you should put the accent on the administration of the school. They are in charge of the school therefore in charge of what happens with the children. Apart from that, you have strong premises. 

I really think the subject is a really interesting because bullying is something that must be put to an end and your arguments makes a great hit for people awareness. Also, I think you need to make your arguments longer because you let the reader with only little detail about it. You should only put one argument but that has a lot more into it. Except that, I really found the subject really interesting with a good chose of arguments.

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