Essay Abstract: High School Dropouts

by sylvie.tran on March 20, 2013 - 9:59pm

Thesis: Three factors stand out as having the biggest impact on students dropping out of school.

  • Financial situation of family: Studies have shown that being from a welfare-dependant family doubles the chances of a student of not graduating from high school.
  • Amount of parental supervision: "Parental expectations, values, and attitudes about their children's school performance" (Larose, 188) affects their development in school.
  • Early grade retention: Twice as many repeaters will drop out of high school, compared to students who have never repeated a grade.

Does anyone know of other arguments I could use? I am not sure about the third one, because I only have one source to prove it so far.

Also, the two previous factors are related to the student's environment, while this one is more related to his behaviour. If anyone could help me find another one, I could narrow down my thesis to conditions that affect whether a student will drop out or not.

Thank you in advance!

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Your topic is a very interesting topic to discuss you can talk alot about it. You should change your thesis though, its too straight forward.

What about the adaptation difficulties of immigrating students? Or the possible negative influence of family members, friends or living environnement? Or learning disabilities such as dyslexia? Or bullying? Indeed, your thesis statement is a bit vague and might be narrowed down to allow people to be for or against it... Overall, the arguments you chose sound great and look very documented! Good luck with this!

Interesting Topid, i like it a lot. I would change the thesis statement, and make it a little clearer in which we can understand your position. The arguments are very good, I wouldve choosen the same arguments. 

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