Education is Undervalued

by antimo on March 20, 2013 - 11:56pm

My argument and issues/premises that support my argument deal with social, geographical, political, and educational contexts.

Education is undervalued. North American education systems and societies need to find different approaches on how they educate their students and promote education in order for them to work to their fullest potential and achieve their best. Canada ranks lower than East Asian countries in math and science, despite having the best readers. We live in an ever so technologically advanced society which needs math and science for innovation and economic growth. It has been proven that government money spent on education is a profitable investment in the long-term. However, Quebec keeps cutting back on education funds. Canada has a much higher dropout rate than East Asian countries which stress the value of academic excellence. What our education system really teaches our students in primary, secondary, and tertiary levels is that what is said by authority is nothing but the truth, not conforming intelectually or socially or being non-compliant will lead to punishment, intellectuality is based on one's level of ability with memory and repetition skills, and that both those skills are rewarded if acquired. We are drowned in information but starved for knowledge. 

Questions: Do you agree that these reasons correlate with the thesis statement? What is your stance on this topic? What do you think our education systems and society should do about it? 


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