Down with Bullying!

by julia_rosie on March 19, 2013 - 10:36pm

Since the beginning of education, there have been several issues in school institutions. Bullying is one of the problems that Media stresses a lot these days and it is an important issue in our education system. Education should do more to stop bullying in schools.The context of the bullying issue in school is social. It impacts a person or a group of people.  Some teachers can sometimes underestimate physical and verbal bullying.  One of the good ways some schools use to prevent bullying is progressive discipline. This way, school violence will be reduced since it addresses the root causes. It is important not to confuse zero tolerance to progressive discipline.  Progressive discipline does not accept violence at all, but it searches in detail what is wrong and then can address the problem properly. In addition, teachers are supposed to be role models for students. In the past, discipline in schools was a very normal behavior. The teachers that teach today were themselves molded from the violent behaviors of their own teachers.  They should in fact stress values as fairness, positivism, good relationships and justice. Some teachers can then be aggressive or violent with their students and this has huge impact on how students will imitate them. Furthermore, the system should emphasise the fact that teachers, parents, school counselors, school principals, school superintendents, State Department of Education or even the police system are there to help students if they have to report bullying issues. It is important to keep in mind that bullying is illegal and that these services are there to help people who need it. Finally, as a reader, do you find that my premises support my thesis statement?


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I think it is a bit hard to distinguish your thesis statement in your introduction. You start by making a lot of assumptions about bullying that are not necessarily backed up. When I started reading, I was trying to find out if you were talking about bullying as a social context, of the way it is influenced by the media or simply methods schools should use to stop bullying. I ended up deducing, helped by your premises, that your topic was about ways to stop bullying. With this clarified, your arguments suit your thesis perfectly. Your title is very brief, fun, and evocative. Your text looks properly documented. Good luck with this!

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