Violence in today's society

by Kaela Schumann on October 3, 2016 - 7:40pm

Violence in today’s society has increased immensely within the last couple years. U.S. News says the number of violent crimes rose by almost 4 percent from 2014. In the U.S. brutality, specifically police brutality has increased and become a problem. Although violence is still considered historically low, it is growing and we shouldn’t ignore this fact. Violence is putting citizens in danger and we should try and put a stop to it whether it is change gun control or modify police uniforms by adding cameras. Although these might be minor tweaks they could adjust our nations brutality rate and reduce the quantity of it.

            Gun control is a serious problem in our nation today. U.S. news says guns were used in about three quarters of the murders committed in 2015.(Neuhauser, 2016) If that statement doesn’t scare you into rethinking this nations gun control laws I don’t know what will. Do you feel it is safe that almost anyone who receives a simple background check can buy and use a gun? The statistics recorded show we need to make a change even if it is small.


            Obviously one of the most looked at issues in today’s news is police brutality. Police officers, although supposed to lower the crime and violence rate, sometimes increase it. Aggravated assault is the most committed violent crime in 2015 although those aren’t just involving police officers they most definitely include them. These crimes may be able to be reduced if a police officer wears a camera or receives the proper training.

There is no denying that violence and crime in today’s society is a very important social issue and should not be overlooked. Simple things like changing gun control or modifying police uniforms and instruction. Overall, more people should learn about violence and crime rates in the world and notice that something needs to change. 



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