“U.S. Veterans Commit Suicide at Rate of 20 a Day”

by robwallace11 on October 3, 2016 - 10:23pm

One of the most unspoken and least public issues in this country is the staggering Veteran suicide rate we have.  The appalling rate of 20 veterans a day committing suicide recently published by Kesling in “U.S. Veterans Commit Suicide at Rate of 20 a Day “ is hard to even fathom.(Kesling 2016).  Those who have served us are 21 percent more likely to commit suicide then regular civilians.  (Kesling 2016).   Many plans have been tried and failed to combat this issue on the home front but one seems to be making significant changes without any recognition from the public.  Veterans who utilize the benefits and get help from the VA are 75% less likely to commit suicide.  As numbers climb the VA has found better ways to connect and help these hero’s. (Kesling 2016).

Unfortunately I feel its title plays to the lack of people talking about this issue.  By simply posting the most staggering stat it could give a reader a false impression that this is just a normal number figure rising without an end in sight.  These are people, rather these are hero’s not numbers and they need to be treated that way.   Giving a better hook to the title could be just the thing this article needs to spark change.  The only thing that can change the title or stat is the very well thought out and researched solution that is undermined in this article.  Instead of pushing the positives and the very simple solution it focuses on the numbers,  and statistics, which gives no emotional appeal to the reader.

This issue is very personal to me because I come from a four-generation line of military veterans, and I am currently in the U.S Army National Guard.  Everyday I am surrounded by heroes and patriots that are dealing with serious issues because of the sacrifices they gave for this country.  Everyone enjoys the rights and liberties we have but very few are willing to fight for them.  These people need our help and as Americans it is our duty to help them.  To often are these veterans forgotten about.  After there tour is over and they return home they often cant get acclimated to normal society.  By getting each and every veteran signed up and using the benefits they have earned could get the suicide rate cut in half in just a few years.  Troubled group such as women and veterans over the age of 50 need our help.  Change can only come with everyone helping.  Each veteran has someone that knows him or her and knows of his or her service.  Checking up on them and reaching out and getting them involved in VA can save their life.  Think about that, one phone call, one meeting, one email can save a hero’s life.   Getting this article out into the public scope can be the spark this issue needs.  It offers and highlights the simple solution of being involved in the VA and reaching out to those who need it the most.   I encourage you to just click the link and read it.  Learn the facts.  Share it to friends family anyone because I can promise you this issue runs deep to a lot of people in this country. 


Kesling, B. (2016, July 29). “U.S. Veterans Commit Suicide at Rate of 20 a Day”, VA Says. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved September 25, 2016, from http://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-veterans-commit-suicide-at-rate-of-20-a-day-va-says-1467908311


I was drawn to this post because of its appalling title. I was shocked to learn that that many veterans committed suicide everyday due to the traumatizing events they acknowledged during their time serving their country. I think it is a well-known fact that the veterans have a higher suicide rate than normal citizens, but I had never imagined it would be that extreme. Like the author of this post, I believe that the rest of the population takes for granted the fact that veterans commit suicide more often than regular citizens, since the articles discussing the subject make it seem as something normal and difficult or even impossible to change. I think there should be more awareness about the dreadful difficulties faced everyday by veterans, so we can all contribute by helping our veterans to feel better about what they experienced. I think the population is simply not informed about this issue, and that if everyone learned about this subject, the suicide rate would be less extreme and shocking. It made me think about what we learnt about racism in class, since it is still an issue for the same reason – people are simply not informed about the reality, which is that there is no biological difference between races. If there was more awareness or teaching about the subject in schools or other institutions, the problem would be inexistent or really reduced.

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