Sex Leads to Teen Pregnancy

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            Condom-distribution programs have been introduced worldwide from Colorado to California all the way to New York City. About two third of 484 schools have a mandatory counseling program to get condoms. Though we think that condoms would decrease the rate of teen pregnancies, it shows that it has actually increased. The researchers in the article estimated that the programs were responsible for about two additional births per 1,000 teens. Which is a lot. Perhaps easy access to condoms created worse outcomes for girls, not better.

            There are also a number of schools that think that having these sex/condom coursed actually encouraged kids to have sex with the easy access to condoms. I personally know that some girls do not use condoms because they are on the birth control, the pill. Condom use decreased by half among women aged 15 to 19 according to the CDC. To this day condoms are still the most common form of birth control. I believe that this article is important because so many young teens are uneducated about teen pregnancy. So many of us are unaware of the dangers and symptoms of not using a condom or being on birth control can cause. For example becoming pregnant. Personally I think that sex education should be offered at every school to help educate teen girls who could be put in a particular situation. If you want to read more on this credential topic, please click the following link:


What drew me to this post is that I am actually not sure where I stand regarding this delicate topic. I have to agree that having sexual counseling in schools does somewhat encourage adolescents to have sexual intercourse, however I cannot say that leaving them in ignorance is any better. Reflecting back to my personal experience, I was in Grade 8 when I had my first legitimate sexual education class. That class consisted of showing us PowerPoint slides of all the possible sexually transmitted infections and diseases, and also demonstrated how to safely put a condom on. What still shocks me to this day is how little they talked about the risks of pregnancy. They should put as big of an emphasis on the risks of pregnancy as they do on sexually transmitted diseases and infections, because it isn’t a subject that should be handled lightly. Besides, I can honestly say that after that class, I began questioning myself as to whether or not I should be sexually active at my age, an idea that had never came to my mind before then. In this manner, although I am for the spreading of safe sex and providing adolescents with the required tools for them to have a healthy sex life, I believe that they introduce sexual counselling at a way too young age. Consequently, they might be doing more harm than good by making the adolescents think that because they are giving them this class, it must be because they are ready to have sex. On a different note, although this topic is a lot different from what we are covering in my Race and Racism class, I think that they are similar in a way that they both revolve around ignorance. Ignorance is present in both these situations as is can push someone to have unprotected sex and get pregnant, as much as it can make someone acknowledge a stereotype about a given “racial” group. Thank you for sharing this article with us! It was very interesting and allowed me to reflect on something I never have before.

The title of the story attracted me because I was interested in what the title signifies. Because a lot of people know that sex leads to pregnancy but why the word “teen” is add to the title. After reading the post I was interested in reading the original post because you suggest that teenage girl are more likely to have sexual relationship due to the course but you do not mention how. I was interested to know the way these increases happen. But I agree with your opinion about installing course in every school to help teenagers to understand the danger of the act and also how to protect themselves from many diseases and other consequences or gift depending on your situation, being pregnant. I did not realize at first that that course does have an impact on children and their sexuality, because this course is about introducing the world of sex to childrens. By taking this course I think that it is making teenage peoples realize that the disease that comes with sex is not some something to laugh about but in another way they are tempted to try it by themselves because they are young. So I believe that those courses should be given more lately to teenagers because young adults do not necessarily need to know all informations about sex at a young age. This subject has nothing to do with what I am studying in my course of race and racism but in both situation the problem of ignorance is present, race is only a stereotype and many people are using it as if it can really be categorize and some girls becomes pregnant without knowing the effect of their actions.

I really enjoyed reading this article. I think your perspective is really interesting, and I see where you are coming from saying that handing out condoms encourages sex. I don't agree that sexual education at an early age is particularly wrong however. I think children who are at the age of puberty should be taught about the feelings that they will be experiencing before it happens, so they’ll be ready when it does happen. You said in your last paragraph that sex ed. should be used “to help educate teen girls”, which is true, but we must remember that girls cannot become pregnant on their own. Yes, it is very important to educate girls on the risks of pregnancy, but we also must educate boys on how their actions can affect someone else’s life. We often solely blame women for pregnancy, and exempt men from the conversation because they are not physically or emotionally connected to pregnancies, and can easily leave. This is highly problematic because it then makes pregnancy a “female” problem, when it really isn’t. This being said, boys as well as girls need not only sex ed. but they also need to be taught how emotionally draining a pregnancy can be, and shown that it is not as easy as it seems. When the proper sex ed. is given out to teens and pre-teens, then the distribution of condoms won’t be a problem because parents and teachers will know that they’re using what is given to them in a responsible way.

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