The scam that is climate change!!

by vjkajoyce on October 3, 2016 - 9:17pm

The author of this article, Jeremiah Bohr from the University of Wisconsin (Bohr, J. (2016). The ‘climatism’ cartel: Why climate change deniers oppose market-based mitigation policy. Environmental Politics, 25(5), 812-830. doi:10.1080/09644016.2016.1156106) calls the people who do not believe in global warming as climate deniers. He says that there has been a consensus amongst scientist that global warming exists. The gist though of this article is how the free market thinkers who are climate deniers do not want to use free markets to mitigate the carbon creation. What this basically says is that if a company does not produce greenhouse gas they can sell this non production as credits. The author researches article that were researched by the climate deniers.


In summary, the author misses the point that these so called climate deniers do not accept the premise that the global warming we are supposedly experiencing is manmade.

Do you remember when it was called global warming? Then it was call manmade global warming. Now it is called climate change? This is because they called it global warming at one time and now that proved to be untrue. It was changed to climate change because you cannot prove the world is getting warmer. The earth has been in existence for over 5 billion years. We have learned in any basic statistic or sociology class that a good sample size is imperative. Most statisticians say a 5% sample size of a population size is excellent. Well 5% of 5 billion is 250 million. We have not been taking recoded temperatures that long. One could conclude statistically, we cannot determine if the world is getting warmer.

Even if the world is becoming warmer it is hard to believe that after 200 years of man industrialization’s that that has caused the earth to become warmer I mean climate change.

In this article the author talks about the consensus of scientists. When did science come up for a vote? Scientists did not vote on whether the world was round or flat. Scientist didn’t vote that the sun was 93 million miles from earth and scientists didn’t vote on E=mc2 .All these scientific phenomenon were proven scientifically. It wasn’t up for a vote. Climate change has never been proven scientifically thus the premise of this whole article is bunk.

Check out this rant by deceased comedian George Carlin,Caution Explicit language:


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